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Nitrous Oxide (NOS) Canisters For Sale Online

Browse a range of nitrous oxide (NOS) canisters for sale at Discount Cream. Offering UK-wide delivery of NOS canisters including, but not limited to, prime locations such as London, Manchester, and Bristol

We sell NOS canisters (or Cream Chargers) in 8g and 16g sizes for standard or industrial use, ideal for making large batches of whipped cream for beverages and desserts.

Our nitrous oxide canisters are available to buy from the most trusted brands on the market, iSi, Pro Whip, Mosa, and Liss. Explore our full range of 100% recyclable steel nitrous oxide canisters for sale.

Buy Nos Canisters With Next-Day Delivery

All of our nitrous oxide canisters are available for next-day delivery. This means you can get experimenting with recipes sooner. We sell a wide range of quantities to choose from. 

Whether you need the cheapest 24 packs or our 600 wholesale packs, we’ve got a selection suitable for you. We also provide our range of NOS canisters in 48, 96, 144, 192, 240, and 360.

Our nitrous oxide canisters are ideal for both home use and within the catering industry. Just one of our NOS canisters creates half a litre of whipped cream. Our NOS canisters are also highly portable making them ideal for cocktail creations. 

Whether you’re looking for wholesale catering supplies, or just for your home kitchen, buy NOS canisters online at Discount Cream.