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Frequently Asked Questions

General Service FAQs

When do I need to order by for Next Day Delivery?

We have the latest same-day dispatch cut off in the industry, you can up to 5:30pm Monday-Friday and receive next day*. Read more about our delivery information.

Do we deliver on Saturdays?

Yes! You can select saturday delivery at the checkout as ‘next day delivery’ only counts for weekdays. Read more about our delivery information.

How do I get free delivery?

You can enjoy free delivery with discount cream if you order over £149 (ex vat). Read more about our delivery information. Read more about our delivery information.

How much is delivery?

We keep our delivery rates as low as possible and that’s why we have 3 different courier options so you can choose the right price and delivery speed for your needs. Delivery costs are based upon your order’s weight and delivery location. Read more about our delivery information.

How do I get discount codes and special offers?

We provide our DC VIP Club with exclusive discounts, special offers and/or free gifts EVERY MONTH! We occasionally do public promotions but if you want the biggest discounts, the DC VIP Club is where to get them. Read more about joining our VIP Club

I want to buy large volumes, can I get a discount?

We offer ‘bulk discounts’ across almost every product on our website, the more you add to the basket the lower the cost per product will be. If you’re looking for even bigger discounts for your business, we’d recommend you reach out to our dedicated Trade Team who can offer our top level discounts. Read more about Wholesale.

The product I want is out of stock, how do I know when it comes back into stock?

Most of our products will be restocked within 7 days. However some of our ranges are shipped from across the world (such as Taiwan for our authentic Bubble Tea) which takes longer.

Sign up to be notified when our product comes back into stock by providing your email address in the notification box on the product’s page. 

Pressuised Gases FAQs

What is the difference between N2O Cream Chargers, CO2 Cartridges and Nitro Canisters?

Each gas has different applications in the catering industry. Make sure you purchase the right gas for your intended culinary purpose:

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is used to carbonate drinks with a soda syphon (8g) as well as beer kegs (12g – 16g). CO2 is also used as a propellant in sporting equipment and to inflate tyres for bicycles, motorbikes and cars which we also have stock to suit (38g, 45g and 88g). 

N2O (Nitrous Oxide) is the most diverse out of all the gases in the industry. Most commonly known to whip (yield) liquids up to 3 times their original state, creating fluffy whipped creams and mouses. 

You can also use N2O to instantly infuse liquids like alcohol, oils and vinegars to your own taste. Nitrous Oxide also boasts preservative properties when pressurised, meaning you can keep recipes up to 14 days in the fridge without going off. 

N2 (Nitrogen) is simply and effectively used to infuse and texturise liquids into a silky mouth-feel state. Most commonly used in stouts such as Guinness to produce the silky foam head of a pint. It is also used to infuse mixed liquids to blend the molecules, popularly advertised on canned beverages such as FUNKIN Canned Cocktails and Monster Energy Drinks. 

How do you deliver pressurised gases?

All of our gases are sent on an Age Verified service due to being restricted for adults over the age of 18 years old. All of our couriers are able to provide an age verified service which our team will assign once you have chosen your desired courier. Read more about our delivery information.

Are there any purchasing restrictions for pressurised gases?

All pressurised gases sold on Discount Cream are restricted to customers over the age of 18 years old. 

N2O products are also restricted due to misuse of the product and we rigorously analyse all sales of the product within our supply chain. For more information on the Misuse of N2O and our due diligence as distributors, see our T&Cs and Product Safety Information.

What is the difference between N2O and N2?

Commonly mistaken with each other due to their similarities in chemical composition and formula abbreviation however they can also be used interchangeably for infusing applications. Whilst Nitrous Oxide (N2O) produces a ‘bubblier’ liquid infusion whereas Nitrogen (N2) creates a smooth, velvety infusion. Nitrogen however cannot yield or preserve liquids due to the lack of oxygen. If you’re looking to whip cream, you will need N2O.

What are the benefits of using cream chargers and whippers?

Cream Chargers give you full capability to customise your recipes to your own taste. Aerosols ‘Instant Whipped Cream’ products produce only plain whipped cream and very rarely provides non-dairy alternatives. With Cream Chargers you can add flavouring using Flavouring Syrups to make your own flavour of whipped cream, the possibilities are endless. 

To preserve and keep sauces and foams fresh for longer, so they can be prepared in advance to save time. Due to the airtight confinements of the canister, even the most delicate mixtures (containing egg or dairy) can potentially last over a week when stored in this way. In a professional kitchen this time period is more likely to be over the course of a few days, but this is a great method of preservation.

Cream whippers can also be used to give volume and body to sauces and dressings that may not otherwise be aerated. This gives plenty of room for experimentation in your recipes.
Cream whippers are a great way to flavour alcohols and oils through rapid infusion, creating concoctions such as sloe gin and raspberry vodka in minutes rather than months!

What is the difference between Cream Charger brands?

Cream Chargers are made by a small variety of manufacturers around the world, which are all required to be manufactured under vigilant processes and tested extensively. Brands such as Mosa and Pro Whip are classic ‘silver’ cream chargers with the plain stainless steel coating, whereas Liss cream chargers have a grey painted outer coating. Industry leaders, iSi Culinary Cream Chargers are coated in a custom purple paint and contain 8.4g of Nitrous Oxide, compared to the industry standard of 8g per charger that other brands follow. Brands are very much down to personal preference and we would recommend trialling different brands to find your personal preference for your recipes and beverages.

How many Cream Chargers will I need?

When using your cream whipper, no more than 1 charger should be released in a 250ml. Using more than this per syphon can cause damage to your dispenser from over pressurising and can cause injuries if not handled correctly. Using a N2O Cream Syphon to yield your cream can create up to 3 times the yield of its original state at optimum performance! The average yield will double your liquids overall volume, the more you practise, the more you’ll get out of your chargers, as with all things – practice makes perfect!

How do I purchase trade volumes of Cream Chargers?

If you’re looking to order more than 240 cream chargers on our website then this would be considered trade purchasing. Please be aware that trade purchases are only available to those who are buying specifically for a trade and can provide evidence.

What size Co2 Cartridge do I need?

The size of cartridge you will need will entirely depend on the intended use.
8g CO2 Cartridges are commonly known as ‘soda cartridges’ as they are used in soda syphons. 8g CO2 cartridges are almost always non-threaded cartridges. 

12g and 16g cartridges are used both within catering and sporting for tyre inflations. Catering uses more commonly require ‘non-threaded co2’ for beer kegs and carbonating systems however this does depend on the device being used. Please refer to your manufacturers instructions to confirm which type you will need.

35g, 45g and 88g are all used for a variety of sporting purposes. We advise referring to the manufacturer’s instructions for which you will need. 

Are all CO2 cartridges food-grade?

All of our catering CO2s are food grade certified from the manufacturer. Other CO2 products not used within catering are classed as ‘industrial grade’ carbon dioxide.

What is N2O?

N2O is Nitrous Oxide, which “N2O” is the chemical compound formula for. Nitrous Oxide is 2 parts Nitrogen to 1 part Oxygen. Commonly mistaken with NO2 (which refers to Nitrous Dioxide) or N20. N2O is commonly used within the catering industry to diversify liquids by yielding, infusing or preserving when charged.

What is N2?

N2 is the chemical compound formula for pure Nitrogen. Commonly used within the catering and beverage industry for infusing liquids and creating smooth, silky textures. Famously used within stouts such as Guinness to produce the velvety head of the pint.

What is CO2?

CO2 is the chemical composition formula of Carbon Dioxide. Commonly used in catering for carbonating beverages via soda syphons or beer kegs. CO2 is also widely used outside of catering for sports such as inflating bike tyres and in airsoft sports. Carbon Dioxide is also used within aquatic life preservation such as in fish tanks to help regulate the ecosystem with natural CO2.

Flavouring Syrup FAQs

Do syrups contain alcohol?

The vast majority of flavouring syrups contain 0% ABV alcohol, however there are some flavours that contain traces under 1%. Please refer to the product details for each product purchasing to confirm which flavours contain traces.

Do we have any Vegetarian Friendly Syrups?

Yes we have hundreds of Vegetarian friendly syrups! We include this information on each and every product across all of our brands of syrups.

Do we have any Vegan Friendly Syrups?

Yes we have hundreds of Vegan friendly syrups! We include this information on each and every product across all of our brands of syrups. 

Sweetbird Syrups are approved by The Vegan Society for 70 of their syrups out of 76.

Do we have any Halal Friendly Syrups?

Yes we have hundreds of halal friendly syrups! We include this information on each and every product across all of our brands of syrups. 

The majority of MONIN’s flavours are Halal approved in accordance with the rules set by Ifanca (Halal-food certification organisation).

Which is the best syrup brand?

We are proud to be official distributors of the UK’s top syrup brands: MONIN, IBC SIMPLY, Sweetbird and 1883 Maison Routin. 

Each of the brands that we stock meet different market demands. 

MONIN is a world famous brand featuring premium syrups, with the goal of having natural ingredients only in their products. Manufactured in France for over 100 years, Monin are a staple in the beverage industry for any service from bars to cafes and beyond.

SIMPLY by IBC provides fantastic quality syrups and yet superbly budget friendly. A huge hit in the cafe and barista industry with an ever growing range.

1883 Maison Routin creates high-quality and innovative flavours of syrups with the largest flavour range in the market. Manufactured in France. 

Sweetbird Syrups are a staple in the cafe industry with award winning recipes for many of their creative flavours. Sweetbird are proud to be Vegan Society approved on 98% of their entire product range. 

The ‘best brand’ is really down to your personal preference!