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UK Supplier of Cream Catering Supplies & Equipment

Welcome to Discount Cream, the UK’s leading distributor for N2O Cream ChargersCO2 Soda Cartridges and Nitro Canisters. Our catering supplies are suitable for restaurants, bars, cafes and other catering establishments as well as home use to add a little luxury to your day to day recipes. Experience the biggest and the best catering supplies from a trusted UK supplier backed by household-named global brands.

Discount Cream is at the centre of innovation, so come and experience the fun side of cooking and baking with our exquisite range of catering supplies. Cocktails. Desserts. Coffees. Providing an easy, affordable means of sharing your modernist creations with your friends, families and customers to keep them coming back time and time again.

Discount Cream's catering supplies USPs

Cupcakes on a plate with a red whipping dispenser to show baking essentials
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Five cups of bubble tea with bamboo straws

UK-Leading Catering Canisters

Stumble onto your next modernist cooking creation with our leading catering supply of N2O Cream Chargers. Make deliciously soft whipped cream, infuse drinks, oils and syrups into your favourite cocktails, the possibilities are endless.

Why Discount Cream For Your Catering Supplies?

Discount Cream is recognised as the leading supplier of N2O Cream Chargers and pressurized gases used within the catering industry in the UK, with a wonderful range of catering supplies, equipment and flavours to choose from. With a great line up of coffee, drinking hot chocolate, flavoured purees and topping sauces, barista equipment all alongside our three signature gas products; N2O, CO2 and N2 cartridges and dispensers. With thousands of catering supplies and equipment available, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you need in no time. 

All of our luxury catering supplies are matched with equally competitive prices as part of our Price Match Promise. And with 24 hour delivery on all of our products, Discount Cream remains one of the most trusted and reliable catering suppliers across the UK.