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Fast Gas


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Fast Gas Cream Chargers as a brand have become one of the most popular cream charger brands in Europe. Their new and improved cream charger canisters easily connect to a whipped cream dispenser with a pressure regulator and increase productivity by reducing the need to swap out standard 8g cream chargers by having a larger tank. Filled with high quality, food grade Nitrous Oxide that is purity tested up to 99.9%, these larger cream chargers can be used to efficiently create industry standard whipped cream, carry out rapid infusion for cocktails or achieve delicious foams for savoury dishes as well as desserts. 

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Fast Gas Stainless Steel Tanks

Each Fast Gas tank contains the equivalent of 72.5 standard cream chargers, meaning less storage space and wastage. The Fast Gas Tanks are made from first rate stainless steel which is recyclable and each Fast Gas tank comes with a handy pressure release nozzle which is used to remove remaining Nitrous Oxide gas prior to recycling. Fast Gas is available in a variety of quantities including 1, 2, or 3 and you can also choose to add a pressure regulator as well as 500ml Pro Whip Metal Head Dispenser for all your culinary needs. Buy a Fast Gas canister online with next day delivery and experience a new culinary revolution.