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Whipped Cream Chargers (N2O)

Browse a range of deluxe cream chargers from the UK’s lead distributor, Discount Cream. We offer UK-wide delivery of cream chargers including, but not limited to, prime locations such as London, Manchester and Bristol. Your order of cream chargers could be at your door the very next working day.

We provide a premium selection of cream chargers from industry names, Pro Whip (and Pro Whip+), MOSA (and MOSA Pro), Liss and iSi.

Our whipped cream chargers are made of 100% recyclable steel and contain compressed nitrous oxide (N20). Not to mention available in a wealth of different volumes, 8g, 8.2g, 8.4g and 8.5g.

Please check what size charger your cream whipper dispenser uses before purchasing our cream chargers. As the size of your dispenser will need to match that of the charger.

Next-day UK Delivery on Cream Chargers

Our cream chargers are available in an assortment of different sizes, all with next-day delivery. Whether you're looking for the cheapest 24 cream charger packs, 600 wholesale cream charger packs, or something a little bit in between. Available in 48, 96, 144, 192, 240, and 360 - we've got you covered.

And if you're looking for something a little bit bigger we also provide nitrous oxide tanks and cylinders, saving you half the time when compared to traditional cream chargers. Available in quantities 1 through 6, discover great brands like Smartwhip.

Perfect for use in catering, restaurants, and even household kitchens, cream chargers are the most helpful kitchen companion you’ve been missing. Generating a whopping half a litre of whipped cream from one single nitrous oxide (NOS) canister, cream chargers are cheaper and yield better results than mechanical whipping.

Whether you’re looking for supplies for your business, or just your kitchen, order online today at Discount Cream.

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Cream Chargers for OVER 18's ONLY:

This product is not for sale to under 18's. 

MISUSE: We will refuse to sell Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Cream Chargers to you if we suspect you intend to misuse them or are under 18.

Cream Charger Recycling Information:

All of the cream chargers we supply are made of 100% recyclable steel. Please ensure that the cartridge is completely empty before removing it from your device and do not dispose of unused cartridges.

Important Safety Usage Information about our Cream Chargers:

Please ensure that whipped cream chargers are stored properly according to the package instructions.

When using whipped cream chargers, please take care of the metal as it gets extremely cold when punctured. If you suffer a high-pressure gas burn, seek medical advice immediately.

Cream Chargers FAQ


What are cream chargers?

A whipped cream charger is a steel canister filled with nitrous oxide (N2O) that is used as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser.


Are cream chargers recyclable?

Yes, cream chargers can be recycled as they are made from 100% stainless steel. However, each cream charger disposed of will need to be completely emptied of gas. 


How do cream chargers work?

Cream chargers work due to nitrous oxide (N2O) dissolving in fat when held under pressure. When charging a canister into the dispenser, the N2O instantly dissolves the fat. The pressure is then released causing the gas to expand within the fat molecules, then dispensing the whipped cream.


Do you have to be 18 to buy cream chargers?

Yes, all purchasers of nitrous oxide (cream chargers) must be over the age of 18 years old. Orders containing cream chargers are sent on an Age Verified service where an ID is required on delivery. 


What are cream chargers used for?

Cream chargers can be used for a multitude of purposes with the most popular being to create whipped cream. Furthermore, cream chargers can be used to add texture and flavour to components of sweet and savoury dishes, such as making foams, mousses and infusing alcohols, vinegars and oils.


How long does whipped cream last in a dispenser?

Fresh whipped cream can be kept in a dispenser and stored in the fridge for up to 14 days. If you plan to keep your whipped cream for a longer period than a couple of days it is recommended to use a stabilising ingredient before whipping.


Where sells cream chargers?

Cream chargers are available in some high street stores in the UK however you can buy cream chargers online from various retailers such as ourselves to be delivered directly to you to save time shopping in person.


What are the differences between brands?

There are few differences between the different brands of cream chargers. The main difference is both the price and volume of N2O, some brands contain 8g, while others contain 8.2g+. 


What is the difference between 8g and 8.2g+ cream chargers?

The difference between 8g cream chargers and 8.2g+ cream chargers is the amount of nitrous oxide a single canister contains. 8g cream chargers contain up to 8g of nitrous oxide (however, this often turns out to be on average 7.5g). While the other volumes such as 8.2g, 8.4g and 8.5g all contain more nitrous oxide per canister.


What's the difference between N2O, CO2 and N2 chargers?

N2O cream chargers are used to create whipped cream or for infusion within alcohol, oils and vinegars. CO2 cartridges are used as a propellant for carbonated drinks, freezing and even inflating bike tyres. N2 nitrogen chargers are used to create ‘nitro drinks’ such as cold brews, stoat foam and can also be added to a keg.


Are cream chargers legal? 

Yes, cream chargers are legal for their legitimate uses such as in the catering industry for whipping fresh cream, infusing liquids like alcohols and vinegars as well as a popular food preservative. However, cream chargers contain nitrous oxide which is governed under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 under which nitrous oxide is illegal to consume for its psychoactive effects. For more information on our due diligence to combat the Misuse of N2O, please click the link.


What dispensers are whipped cream chargers compatible with?

The 8g whipped cream chargers that we supply are compatible with most cream whippers and dispensers. Please note that because 16g cream chargers contain twice the amount of nitrous oxide, you will require a 16g cartridge converter and a dispenser with a capacity of at least 1 litre in order to use these.