Boba Lish Bubble Tea Gradient Powder 1kg

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Boba Lish Bubble Tea Gradient Powder 1KG 

Explore the captivating world of gradient colouring for beverages with Boba Lish’s Bubble Tea Gradient Powder in 1KG. This unique beverage powder allows you to effortlessly create mesmerising gradients in shades of blue and purple, turning your beverages into visually stunning creations.

With this concentration gradient powder, you can achieve the perfect blend of colours that transition from deep blues to captivating purples. When mixed with cold water, it transforms into a fascinating blue gradient colour. The magic happens when this gradient blue water meets an acidic juice, revealing a stunning shade of purple. With this versatile powder, you can craft an array of visually delightful layered drinks, each one more beautiful than the last.

Boba Lish’s Gradient Powder allows you to add an artistic touch to your boba drink kit and creations. Take your presentations to the next level with the enchanting beauty of a blue-purple gradient.

If you’re in search of a bubble tea set that pairs well with this captivating beverage powder, take a look at the full Boba Lish product range and craft your ideal bubble tea kit.

Key features

  • Captivating gradients in shades of blue and purple
  • Combine with Popping Boba Pearls & achieve the perfect blend of colours with ease
  • Elevate your drink presentations with an artistic flair
  • Add an enchanting blue-purple gradient to your boba drink kit
  • Boba Lish ensures high-quality ingredients in its Gradient Powder

Technical Info


Ingredients: Glucose, sugar, anthocyanin, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide, sodium-bicarbonate, (stabiliser, e500-ii)

Dietry Requirements

Dietary Requirements: Vegan, Gluten Free