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N2 Manufacturers Safety Information

Product Details

N2 is an odourless, diatomic gas that has lots of culinary and beverage uses such as adding to kegs along with coffee or beer to yield a foamy or caffeinated beverage known as “nitro coffee or nitro beer.” An N2 charger, is a small disposable metal container holding anything between 2g-2.4g of compressed Nitrogen and the colours of canister can range from silver to brown. 

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N2 Restrictions & Storage

N2 Cartridges are an age restricted product – you must be at least 18 years old in order to purchase. N2 is age restricted due to being a compressed/ pressurised gas, as the canisters are filled with liquefied gas under high pressure. It can be potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. 

Must be kept out of reach or accessibility of minors under the age of 18 years old. N2 must be kept in a cool place (under 50°C) and must not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight. N2 is not flammable and cannot be ignited.

Nitrogen canisters get very cold when punctured. If you are burnt by freezing gas you must immediately seek medical advice. A high pressure gas burn can cause deep tissue damage which is not immediately obvious at the time of the injury.

Danger to health if inhaled. If inhaled immediately seek medical advice. Can cause dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, excess salivation, diminished mental alertness, loss of consciousness and untimely death. 

N2 Disposal and Recycling

Empty canisters are non-refillable, but are made of steel which is 100% recyclable where steel recycling programs exist. Nitrogen canisters must be expelled of all gas before being chopped in half by appropriate machinery. This is a safety measure set out by the manufacturers to ensure that the cartridges are completely empty of compressed gas before being put through recycling machines which can be very dangerous.