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Vegware is the global specialist and award-winning plant-based compostable food-service packaging.


Showcase your food menu in environmentally friendly, high-quality performance Vegware packaging. Vegware offers an extensive range of compostable catering disposables which cater to all kinds of takeaway food and drink needs. 


Whether you’re hosting a large picnic, banquet or need to stock up your street food van, explore Vegware packaging which has been designed to be used in commercial catering and for a top of the range hospitality experience. From compostable bin liners to takeaway pizza boxes, veg sandwich platters and Bon Appetit bowls, start your sustainable food packaging journey with Vegware. 

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Vegware Packaging is Compostable and Biodegradable 

Vegware is made from a range of plant-based materials including sustainably sourced, recycled paper & card, renewable PLA & CPLA, fallen palm leaves, vegetable or water-based inks, mater-bi and natureflex. Vegware compostable products are designed to be commercially composted when disposed of correctly with food waste, where it is accepted to do so.


All Vegware cups, cutlery, tableware and takeaway packaging are made using reclaimed, renewable, lower carbon or recycled materials so you can provide your customers with tasty food, drinks and do your bit for the environment. 


Order Vegware online at Discount Cream before 5pm for next-day delivery. 

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