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Topping Sauces


Discover Decadent Gourmet Topping Sauces For Desserts!

Discount Cream offers gourmet topping sauces to create endless treats. Explore our sweet topping sauces in a range of sizes, from Monin’s 250ml to 2.5kg of caramel sauce by Simply

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Our topping sauces are perfect for sweet recipes, why not try baking to help expand your culinary skills. With our raspberry sauce for cheesecake or make chocolate fudge sauce for a brownie using our Belgian chocolate flavour.

Our gourmet sauces don’t just have to be used in baking, our recipes over on our blog include savoury treats too, why not make something new with our vast range of flavours. 

Take a look at our selection of gourmet topping sauces and brands below, available in different sizes for at-home use or in a professional setting.