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SweetBird Tea Syrups


Sweetbird Iced Tea Syrup

Syrups for tea aren't that common in the UK, but if you're going to use them then you might as well make them high-quality and incredibly tasty.

The range of tea syrups from Sweetbird are nothing short of exceptional, with a whole host of flavours to choose from, Watermelon or Cucumber & Mint Green iced tea syrup to make any tea - iced or regular - a little bit more exciting.

If you're looking for something to give your iced tea a little extra kick, our Sweetbird iced tea syrups are just the thing. If you're looking for something more dessert orientated, we stock Sweetbird flavoured sauces, or you could invest in Monin's purees or Jordan's foam toppers.

Browse our range of Sweetbird tea syrups, or explore the other products in the Sweetbird range, online at Discount Cream. Never has making a refreshing drink been so easy!