Sweetbird Syrup 1L Peach Iced Tea

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Sweetbird Peach Iced Tea Syrup

Since it became a commercialised product in the early 1900s, iced tea has grown to the point where it is one of the worlds most popular beverages. Many iced tea varieties are available, and one of these is found in Sweetbird Peach Iced Tea Syrup. Bringing together the sweetness of peach with a light yet distinctive flavour of tea, this Vegan-friendly syrup is a great addition to cocktails, sauces, baked treats and more,

Along with being approved by the Vegan Society, Sweetbird syrups also have the advantage of being free from artificial flavours, gluten and GMO.

The History 

When comparing the origins of peaches and iced tea, theres a stark difference between the two. While evidence points to the domestication of peaches starting some 8,000 years ago, iced tea is a relatively modern creation that gained prominence around the same time refrigeration was invented. Funnily enough, despite the large age gap between the two, Englanders and Americans didnt start enjoying peaches until they were brought over to their respective homelands in the 17th century. With early recipes of iced tea being found in cookbooks from the early 19th century, certain countries have only been eating peaches for approximately 200 years longer than theyve sipped on iced tea. 

Of course, the differences dont stop there. Peaches are a natural food source first discovered in Northwest China. Iced tea, on the other hand, is a blend of ingredients that was reportedly first made in either England or the United States. Due to existing during a time where mythology and folklore was prevalent, peaches have also been considered more than simply a product for consumption. This is particularly the case in China. On New Years Eve, for example, peach wood branches were placed above doors to ward off evil influences. Peach kernels are also found in traditional Chinese medicines, helping with everything from allergies to inflammation. 

Despite their disparate backgrounds, the combination of iced tea and peach is a seamless blend. A peach iced tea mix is sold by industry giants Lipton. The drink can be found in Costa Coffee chains across the UK. And it is the basis for Sweetbird Peach Iced Tea Syrup. 

Recipe Idea

Pistachio, Peach and Raspberry Semifreddo

Although the thought of making a semifreddo might cause apprehension in aspiring chefs, this recipe shows its actually easier to prepare than some might initially consider. This honey-sweetened semifreddo benefits from the inclusion of pistachio nuts and fresh raspberries. In addition, a whipped cream flavoured with Sweetbird Peach Iced Tea Syrup, is served alongside the dessert. This cream can be made in seconds at home using a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers!

What you will need: 

  • Six egg yolks

  • Honey (4 tbsp)

  • Fresh raspberries (250g)

  • Whipping cream (480ml)

  • Chopped pistachio nuts (50g)

  • Sweetbird Peach Iced Tea Syrup (60ml)

- Using an electric mixer, pour the six egg yolks and honey into a large bowl. Place the bowl onto the electric mixer and, with the help of a paddle attachment, allow the ingredients to beat together for approximately ten minutes. Dont remove the bowl until the mixture doubles in volume, has a creamy texture, and displays a pale colour. 

- Pour half of the whipping cream into a separate bowl. Using the same electric mixer, beat the cream until it starts to form firm peaks. This step should take about three or four minutes in total. Now gently fold this cream into the honey egg mixture. 

- Grab a suitable loaf tin and cover it with an oversized piece of baking parchment. Pour the creamy egg mixture into the tin. Once you have smoothed the top of the mixture, cover the tin with cling film.

- Place the tin into the freezer for approximately 90 minutes. You want the mixture to be chilled but not frozen. Remove from the freezer, stir in the pistachio nuts and 200g raspberries, and return to the freezer. This time the semifreddo needs to be frozen until firm, which will take at least four hours. 

- Once firm, transfer the semifreddo to the fridge before serving. Leave it in the fridge for approximately 15 minutes, which will give it the chance to slightly soften. 

- As the semifreddo softens, pour the Sweetbird Peach Iced Tea Syrup and the rest of the whipping cream into a whipped cream dispenser. Close the dispenser, securely attach a cream charger, and give the dispenser an energetic shake. This will result in an instant whipped cream which is both fluffy and infused with the flavour of peach iced tea. 

Note: Depending on the amount of whipped cream desired, it may be necessary to use multiple cream chargers/ more whipping cream. Add more syrup as required.

- Remove the semifreddo from the fridge, turn out the tin, and cut the dessert into slices. With each slice of the semifreddo, serve with a generous portion of peach iced tea whipped cream and a few fresh raspberries. 

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