Sweetbird Syrup 1L Cinnamon

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Sweetbird Cinnamon Syrup

Spice up your life with a bottle of Sweetbird Cinnamon Syrup. Utilising real cinnamon, this syrup delivers a warming, sweet and rich flavour. The versatile nature of the spice also means it is applicable in a wide range of drinks. From fruity smoothies to strong brews of coffee, this Bristol-made syrup is ready to add an extra dimension to your beverage of choice.

Along with being approved by the Vegan Society, Sweetbird syrups also have the advantage of being free from artificial flavours, gluten and GMO.

The History 

The origins of cinnamon can be traced back to around 5,000 years ago;  the spice was referenced in some chinese writings as far back as 2800 BC. When it comes to the first noted use of cinnamon, this is usually attributed to the ancient Egyptians. Alongside cassia, a related spice, cinnamon would be utilised as a perfuming agent when embalming dead bodies. The Old Testament also referenced the spice as being an ingredient found in anointing oil.

When Arab traders brought cinnamon to Europe, the spice remained a popular commodity. In fact, due to the limited quantities of cinnamon being transported to the continent, the spice would only be accessible to the rich and powerful. The restricted amount of cinnamon being brought over was due to cumbersome land routes used by the Arabs. Arab merchants also had a stranglehold on the cinnamon trade, and so they could keep it at an exorbitant price only affordable for noble classes. To keep the spice as a luxury product, Arab traders would weave vivid tales about how they obtained cinnamon. One such anecdote described cinnamon only being found in deep canyons. Although before any adventurous explorer attempted to scoop up sacks of the precious spice, theyd have to find their way past dangerous snakes that were guarding their prize. 

Of course, the truth about the origin of cinnamon isnt as exciting. And by the start of the 16th century, European explorers were seeking out the source of the spice. By approximately 1518, Portuguese traders landed in Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka and found they had a bountiful stockpile of cinnamon. They quickly conquered the island, enslaved its population, and gained control of the cinnamon trade. That control would eventually go to the Dutch and then, in 1784, to the British. Yet by the start of the 19th century, the cinnamon trade had shifted direction. It was being cultivated in various other parts of the world, so the scarcity and expensiveness of the spice had been lost. In addition, delicacies like cassia and chocolate had grown in popularity, further lessening the demand for cinnamon. 

As of today, two varieties of cinnamon are sold on a commercial scale: cassia and Ceylon. The former, cassia, boasts a stronger flavour out of the two, and is the type usually found for sale in supermarkets. Ceylon, on the other hand, is a more expensive option. This variety has a mild, sweet flavour which is great for both beverages and baking. 

Recipe Idea

Chocolate, Coffee and Cinnamon Custard Pots 

When in a rush but requiring a memorable after dinner dessert, these easy-to-make custard pots are up for the job. Store-bought custard is the base for this dessert, and it is flavoured with a rich blend of espresso and dark chocolate. The custard pots are further enhanced by a delicious cinnamon-infused whipped cream.

Youll be able to wow your dinner guests by telling them that you made the whipped cream at home, with a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers!

What you will need: 

  • Premade custard (400g)

  • Strong espresso coffee (50ml)

  • Dark chocolate (60g)

  • Ground cardamom (1/2 tsp)

  • Fresh cream (240ml)

  • Whipped cream dispenser

  • Cream chargers

  • Sweetbird Cinnamon Syrup (60ml)

  • Cocoa powder (1/2 tsp)

- In a saucepan, pour in the custard and keep on a medium heat. Now add the espresso, dark chocolate and cardamom. Continue to stir the mixture until all of the chocolate has melted. When that is done, sieve the mixture into a jug. 

- Grab four suitable pots (preferably 125ml sized) or serving bowls. Pour the custard mixture into each pot/bowl, ensuring it is equally divided. Place in the refrigerator and allow at least three hours for the custard mixture to firm up. Note: while you want the mixture to solidify, it wont completely set firm.

- When its time to serve, begin preparing the whipped cream. Using the convenience of a whipped cream dispenser, pour in both the Sweetbird Cinnamon Syrup and fresh cream into the dispenser. Ensure the lid is securely closed, and screw a whipped cream charger into the device. Shake the dispenser energetically for a few seconds, instantly creating a fluffy whipped cream flavoured with cinnamon. 

Note: Depending on the amount of whipped cream desired, it may be necessary to use multiple cream chargers/ more whipping cream. Add more syrup as required.

- Bring the custard pots out of the fridge. Top with a generous portion of cinnamon whipped cream. Finish with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.


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Ingredients: Sugar, water, cinnamon flavoring, colour=plain carame, acidity regulator= citric acid

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