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Soda Siphons


Buy CO2 Soda Siphon Bottles Online UK

CO2 Soda siphons are a great tool for providing refreshments in a classy way, whether it's more mixing cocktails in a trendy cocktail bar or making your own fizzy drinks in your kitchen. Our CO2 soda siphons are fuelled by our range of CO2 cartridges, perfect for cooking, inflating bike tyres, you name it!

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Our range of CO2 siphons come in a range of styles from the classic art nouveau style that wouldn't look out of place in a period drama to more modern, silver styled soda siphons that would compliment any contemporary kitchen or bar.

Check out our range of CO2 soda siphons online at Discount Cream and bring some pizazz to your home!

Soda Siphons FAQ

What is a soda siphon?


A siphon is a cylinder tube which can both store and dispense beverages that have been carbonated. Because of the ability to maintain the pressure of the contents, it keeps drinks fizzy and fresh tasting.


Are soda siphons recyclable?


Our CO2 soda siphons are made with recyclable stainless steel. The iSi Twist ‘n’ Sparkle contains 6 recyclable iSi Soda Chargers. Make sure each siphon is disposed of properly by being completely emptied before discarding.


How do soda siphons work?


Soda siphons work by inserting a CO2 cartridge into the holder that contains the liquid. As carbon dioxide enters the tube from the bottom, the user shakes the bottle to mix it together with the water. This adds gas to the liquid creating a fizzy beverage that can be flavoured with a syrup. After removing the cartridge the tasty drink is ready to be served, all while keeping the pressure consistent, preventing it from going flat.


Do you have to be 18 to buy soda siphons?


As some soda siphons come with CO2 cartridges, you have to be the age of 18 and over to purchase the item. Orders containing soda chargers are sent on an age verified service where an ID is required on delivery.

What are soda siphons used for?


Siphons are mostly used within the catering industry to prepare sparkling beverages that can either be plain or flavoured with various syrups. However, siphons aren’t limited to the catering industry and many people use these for at-home consumption to make drinks more exciting. Siphons can also be used in spirits, liquors, or even cocktails!


Where sells soda siphons?


Soda siphons and CO2 cartridges are available in some high street stores in the UK ,however, you can buy siphons online from various retailers such as ourselves to be delivered directly to you the next day.

What are the differences between brands?


There are few differences between the different brands of siphons. The main difference is both the price and what the product contains. For example, the Pro Fizz Soda Siphon doesn’t come with cartridges, but the Si Twist ‘n’ Sparkle contains 6 iSi Soda Chargers.

Are soda siphons legal?


Yes, soda siphons are legal for their legitimate uses such as in the catering industry for carbonated beverages. The CO2 cartridges require users to be over 18.

What soda siphons are CO2 cartridges compatible with?

Some brands also are compatible with different sized chargers. The iSi 1L Classic Soda Siphon requires 8g CO2 cartridges, whereas the Twist ‘n’ Sparkle uses 8.4g.