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Purchase 8g CO2 Cartridges

Take a look at our 8g CO2 cartridges below from Discount Cream. Adding CO2 makes still drinks exciting with an element of fizz. With 8g bulbs filled with pure carbon dioxide and nothing else for your satisfaction.

We supply various brands such as iSi, Pro Fizz and Liss for you to choose from, with iSi having an extra 0.4g, all available in packs of 10. 

Get your 8g CO2 bulbs which are all compatible with CO2 Soda Syphons that use the universal system, such as MOSA, LISS and iSi. 

View all our CO2 cartridges here, we stock a range of quantities for your intended use including 12g, 16g, 38g, 45g, and 88g of pure carbon dioxide.