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Smoothie Mix


Monin Fruit Smoothie Mixes

After the success of their flagship flavouring syrup range, French catering giants Monin decided to expand into other product lines, and that's how Monin Smoothie Mixes was born!

Monin's Smoothie Mixes have all the same vibrant flavour factor and quality of the company's popular flavouring syrups, which have propelled them to the very top of the beverage world, with their brand visible in bars and coffee shops across over 150 countries.

M​​​​onin's Smoothie Mixes are the perfect way to add a nutritious, delightful kick of fruity flavour to whatever you add them too.

These mixes can be used for much more than giving your smoothies that extra bit of deliciousness. The mixes are great for adding flavours for frappes, milkshakes and much more! Monin's Smoothie Mixes are also ideal for bars and restaurants, or for anyone else who enjoys making tasty cocktails.

We supply a range of flavours from the tropical taste of a freshly ripe mango to more traditional notes of strawberry, you can spice up your iced drinks in minutes! Monin's Smoothie Mixes are made with real fruit and contain no artificial flavours or colours, with each 1L carton contains approximately 12 servings.