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Simply Chai


Try Simply Spiced Chai

Creating that perfect Chai latte shouldn’t be hard, with Simply you can make this an easy task! 

Simply are an Italian Beverage Company and family owned business that provide quality products for drinks and catering. So you can make cafe standard drinks at home!

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Simply's Chai tea powder can be used to create Chai tea, Chai lattes and even with use in baking!

Chai blends exotic spices with tea to create that beautiful and creamy flavour we all love, inspired by the sweet Indian drink traditionally sold on the streets of Mumbai. 

Simply have a wonderful range of scrumptious products, frappes, purees, coolers, tea syrups - the list is endless. Check out all of the Simply products right here.

If you’re looking for other flavours, take a look at their Simply syrups for your perfect hot or cold beverage!