MONIN Macaroon Syrup 70cl

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MONIN Premium Macaroon Syrup 700ml

Macaroons are small biscuits which are usually made from ground almonds, giving them the nutty, buttery flavour that has become so popular among those with a sweet tooth. It is similar to a meringue, but with the added depth of flavour that comes from the almond flour. Macaroon syrup has all the sweet, buttery flavour of a macaroon with notes of roasted almonds. It’s a subtly delicious addition to a wide range of drinks including iced tea, fruit punch, cocktails and smoothies and it combines particularly well with flavours such as raspberry and chocolate in a range of desserts.

Where Did Macaroons Come From?

Historians believe that macaroons were first made in an Italian monastery during the 8th or 9th century and there is a theory that the shape of them might have been modelled on the navels of the monks, for reasons which are lost in the mists of time.

The monks are thought to have gone to France in 1533 when they would have had Catherine Medicis pastry chefs working alongside them. When two Benedictine nuns arrived in Nancy in the hope of being offered refuge from the French Revolution, they paid their way by baking macaroons and were known as the Macaroon Sisters.

Macaroons are International Favourites

There are recipe books featuring macaroons dating back as far as 1725 but there is evidence to suggest that they were around in the early 1300s in Italy and France and before then in Arabic countries such as Syria which were the most abundant producers of almonds at that time. It took nearly 300 years for these delicious biscuits to make it to England, and since then there have been a number of variations on the original recipe.

Macaroons are popular in many different cultures and different countries often have their own regional variations on the minimalist recipe of the originals. Two regions in India, Thoothukudi and Mangalore, share a recipe which uses cashews instead of almonds and these are sometimes known as Tuticorin macaroons.

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Technical Info

Dietry Requirements

Dietary Requirements: Suitable for vegan, vegetarian diets. Nut-free, alcohol-free, Halal, Kosher. Pure sugar syrup. Natural flavourings.

Protein: 0g


Ingredients: Sugar, water, natural flavouring, acid= citric acid.

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