Caffe Suprema Espresso Oro Coffee Beans (6 x 1kg)

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Caffe Suprema Espresso Oro Bulk Coffee Beans (6 x 1kg)

Indulge in Caffe Suprema Espresso Oro (6 x 1kg), where every coffee bean encapsulates the essence of richness. Made for lovers of espresso coffee beans, this 1kg bag of medium/dark roast represents quality coffee. Delight in the depth of flavour as you brew a cup of Espresso Oro, immersing yourself in the medium and dark roast intensity of these bulk coffee beans.

Bursting with full bodied character with medium and dark roast notes, this espresso blend guarantees an exquisite balance that characterises the essence of quality coffee. Reveal the rich flavours from Caffe Suprema, experience the velvety touch of dark chocolate to the lush caramel undertones and the profound nutty accents that exceed expectations with every cup of coffee.

Caffe Suprema Espresso Oro (6 x 1kg) is a testament to great coffee, these medium/dark roast coffee beans offer an explosion of rich coffee flavours. Immerse yourself in the world of arabica and robusta coffee, where these espresso coffee beans stand as proof of the robust strength of medium/dark roast profiles and the complexity of rich tasting notes.

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  • Bulk Coffee Beans (6 x 1 kg)
  • Medium/Dark Roast Coffee Beans
  • 70% Arabica 30% Robusta
  • Espresso Coffee Beans
  • Origins: Djimmah, Brazil & Robusta
  • Premium Caffe Suprema Blend

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