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Raspberry Monin 70cl Syrup

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Monin Raspberry Syrup

Monin Raspberry Syrup is just one of a delicious range of flavours, used by coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and enjoyed across the country and further afield.

The bottles come in a 70cl Glass Bottle, and a 1l Plastic bottle variation which is ideal for bars, cafes and coffee shops, but can also be used at home.


Raspberries are one of the most consumed berries on the planet. This shouldnt be a surprise when considering their alluring appearance, health benefits and sweet juicy flavour. The fruits versatility also helps with its popularity. From revitalising summer cocktails to adding extra zing to a fruit salad, raspberries can be used in a large number of ways a number that only increases thanks to Monin Raspberry Syrup. With a drop of this syrup, instantly add the balanced flavour of sweet raspberry to whatever you desire. 

The History

Thought to originate in North America and Eastern Asia, raspberries have been a food source for thousands of years. During archaeological digs at various sites across Europe, Northern America and the rest of the world, evidence of raspberry cane remains shows early cave dwellers happily snacked on the fruit. As with many other natural foods, raspberries werent only used for their nutritional benefits. In the ancient city of Troy, the raspberry was linked to fertility. Raspberry juice was even used by artists as paint during the Middle Ages. The roots, leaves and fruit were also considered solutions to an array of medical issues from bowel irritations to eye inflammations. 

During the 13th century, King Edward I is credited with the cultivation efforts of raspberries in Britain. Shortly after he made the call for the fruit to be grown, gardens across Britain were packed full with raspberry bushes. Although it took some time for the berry to spread further afield, by the 18th century the fruit could be found throughout Europe. 

Settlers from Europe brought over the first raspberry canes to America. From here, they kept up their cultivation efforts while also cross-breeding them with native black raspberries. In 1771, William Price is noted for being the first person to sell a cultivated stock of the fruit in Virginia. At Mount Vernon, George Washington was also known to cultivate raspberries. Move forward a further century, to 1867, and there were more than 40 varieties of raspberry plants available. 

The spread of raspberry production would continue throughout the United States. As of today, the State of Washington is responsible for cultivating close to 60% of the entire countrys raspberries, which is around 70 million tons each year. Yet even with such lofty numbers, the US is only fourth in production numbers based on 2017 figures. Russia, Mexico and Serbia all lead the way for raspberry cultivation. 

Recipe Idea

Orange, Raspberry and Almond Cake

When you want a moist, fruity and nutty cake, this recipe is an ideal choice. The cake itself is full of almonds and orange, and this is topped with a scrumptious raspberry-flavoured whipped cream.

What you will need: 

  • Two large oranges

  • Butter (10g)

  • Plain flour, for dusting

  • Caster sugar (250g)

  • Ground almonds (250g)

  • Six eggs

  • Baking powder (1 tbsp)

  • Monin Raspberry Syrup (60ml)

  • Fresh cream (240ml)
  • Whipped cream dispensers
  • Cream chargers
  • Fresh raspberries, for decoration

- Place the two oranges into a large saucepan. Pour enough water into the saucepan to cover the oranges, and then bring the water to the boil. Once done, allow the oranges to gently cook for around two hours. When they have cooked, leave to cool. 

- Preheat the oven to gas mark 3/175C. Grab a nine-inch cake tin, butter the base and sides, and then dust it with the flour. 

- When the oranges have cooled, slice them into quarters and remove all pips. With a food processor, pulp the oranges. 

- In a large bowl, beat the six eggs. Gradually stir in the caster sugar, ground almonds baking powder and orange pulp. With all of the ingredients suitably blended together, pour this mixture into the cake tin. At this point, place the cake into the oven for approximately one hour. The aim is not only for the cake to have risen, but also for it to be golden in colour. When both aspects have been achieved, remove the cake from the oven. Once the cake has cooled enough, carefully remove it from the tin and place on a wire rack.

- To prepare the raspberry whipped cream, the assistance of a whipped cream dispenser is a necessity. Open up the dispenser, pour in both the fresh cream and Monin Raspberry Syrup, and close the lid. Remember to place a charger on the dispenser. Now for the fun bit: shaking the dispenser. Give it an energetic shake for about ten seconds; this will afford it enough time to blend the flavours and create a fluffy whipped cream. 

- Decorate the top of the cake with the raspberry whipped cream. For extra finesse, decorate the edge of the cake with fresh raspberries.

  • Nutritional information:
    per 100ml
  • Sugar Free:
    Includes sugar
  • Nut Free:
    Nut free
  • Energy per 100ml:
  • Energy per serving:
  • Vegertarian:
  • Fat:
    0 g,
  • Quantity:
  • Vegan Friendly:
  • Saturated Fat:
    0 g,
  • Gluten Free:
    Gluten Free
  • Total Carbohydrates:
    85.1 g
  • Carbohydrates Per Serving:
    85.1 g
  • Of which sugars:
    85.1 g
  • Kosher Friendly:
    Kosher Friendly
  • Dairy Free:
    Dairy Free
  • Free From GMOs:
    GMO Free
  • Fibre:
  • Halal Friendly:
    Halal Friendly
  • No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives:
    Includes colouring or preservatives
  • Protein:
    0 g
  • Contains Natural Ingredients Only:
    Includes colouring or preservatives
  • Salt:
    0.03 g.
  • Ingredients:
    Sugar, water, concentrated lemon juice, concentrated raspberry juice, natural flavouring, colour= E163. Total fruit juice= 18%, including 10% raspberry juice.
  • Alcohol:
    Alcohol free
  • Natural:
    Not Organic
  • Energy kcal:
  • GTIN:
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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