Rhubarb Syrups

Dive into the Unique World of Rhubarb Flavour

Savour the unique taste of rhubarb with our premium Rhubarb Syrups. Capturing the essence of the vibrant stalk, our syrups are your key to creating a range of culinary delights, from desserts to cocktails and a range of different recipes.

Unlock the possibilities of rhubarb recipes with our Rhubarb Syrups. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or you’re a lover of mixology, these syrups lend a tangy flavour to all your creations. Explore the endless potential of rhubarb desserts, rhubarb cocktails, and refreshing rhubarb juices and smoothies.

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Rhubarb Syrups

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    Simply Rhubarb Syrup 1L

    Simply Syrups

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  • MONIN Rhubarb Puree 1LAdd to basket

    MONIN Rhubarb Puree 1L

    MONIN Purees

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