Chai Tea Syrups

Crafting the Ultimate Chai Tea Latte Experience

Our Chai Tea Syrup collection is where indulgence meets versatility. These Chai Tea Syrups are crafted to perfection, ensuring an authentic and robust flavour profile that captures the essence of the best chai tea. Unlock the secret to creating the perfect chai tea latte and explore chai tea syrup recipes with ease. Experiment with these chai tea concentrates and make creative concoctions, our Chai Tea Syrups promise a journey into the rich and aromatic world of chai.

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Chai Tea Syrups

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  • MONIN Premium Chai Tea Syrup 1LAdd to basket

    MONIN Chai Tea Concentrate Syrup 1L

    MONIN Tea Syrups

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  • 1883 Maison Routin Chai Tea 1LAdd to basket

    1883 Chai Tea Syrup 1L (PET Bottle)

    1883 Maison Routin

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  • Simply Spiced Chai Syrup 250mlAdd to basket

    Simply Spiced Chai Syrup 25cl

    25CL Simply Syrups

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  • DaVinci Spiced Chai Syrup 1LAdd to basket

    DaVinci Spiced Chai Syrup 1L

    DaVinci Syrups

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