Pro Whip Master Cream Whipper 500ml

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Introducing the brand new Pro Whip Master Dispenser Range is the ultimate tool for your professional kitchen or catering trade - or as a premium kitchen gadget to expand your culinary possibilities! This handy 500ml device enables you to customise your own whipped cream. Pro Whip Master Dispensers are to be used with N2O Cream Chargers only for catering purposes such as customising whipped cream, creating foams or espumas as well as instantly infusing liquids such as alcohols, oils and even vinegars!

The Pro Whip Master Range includes a black silicone band to match the matte black premium charger holder. Create professional recipes not only in the catering environment but also in your own home, with endless possibilities, what will you create?

The 500ml dispenser can hold up to 500ml worth of liquid and 1 x 8g N2O Cream Charger.

Master Range Dispensers Include

  • Premium 'heavy duty' charger holder
  • Dispenser Head made of stainless steel
  • Dispenser Body (Chamber) made of stainless steel
  • 3 X Premium Decorator Flutes for all your creative needs!
  • 1 X Cleaning Brush Tool for quick and easy cleaning!
  • 1 X User Manual

What makes the Master Range different?

Fully dishwasher-safe Completely dismantles for cleaning and replacing parts

Suitable for both cold and warm preparations

Silicone head gasket with excellent resistance to high and low temperatures

Suitable for use in a hot or cold water bath or Bain Marie

Airtight system - meets highest food safety and quality standards.

Premium silicone band for dispenser head

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

For use with standard 8gm chargers only. Cream Chargers are NOT included. Before purchasing this product, please ensure that you have read the full Safety Information HERE on how to safely handle and use Whipping Dispensers.

Additional Product Information
Type: Cream Whippers
Size: 500ml
Charger Size: 8g 8.2g
Brand: Pro Whip


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