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Humane Pest Control Equipment by Goodnature Traps

Goodnature traps are specifically designed to target problem pests such as rats, mice or squirrels. The Goodnature CO2 Automatic Trap A18 targets grey squirrels specifically whereas the Goodnature CO2 Automatic Trap A24 targets a wider range of rodents.

The toxin free kill trap automatically resets to ensure effective but also time efficient solutions. These traps are used around the world to control invasive species and have met the highest international standards.

All of our traps are safe to use and are designed to be installed easily, they are also made to be a humane way to kill pests in your home and premises. 

Our cartridges contain 100% pressurised CO2 and our Liss Threaded cartridges are also suitable for catering purposes. Stock up on humane pest control equipment and supplies for delivery all across the UK.