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Peach Monin 70cl Syrup

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Monin Peach Syrup

Monin Peach Syrup is just one of a delicious range of flavours, used by coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and enjoyed across the country and further afield.

The bottles come in a 70cl Glass Bottle, and a 1l Plastic bottle variation which is ideal for bars, cafes and coffee shops, but can also be used at home.

Originating in the mountains of China, the peach epitomises a juicy sweetness that has become ingrained in the languages and cultures of countries across the globe. The peach is part of the rose family which also includes the cherry, plum and apricot. The subtly fragrant flesh of a fresh, ripe peach is like a taste of summer and peach syrup is a versatile and easy way to add that delectable sweetness to hundreds of different drinks and dishes.

What makes peaches special?

Peaches share a number of characteristics with almonds and the insides of peach stones taste so similar to almonds that they are often used as a substitute. Peaches and nectarines are actually the same species, despite being different fruits as far as supermarkets and consumers are concerned. Nectarines are thought to have resulted from the mutation of a single gene which is responsible for their distinctive hairless skin. 

The International Peach Genome Initiative announced in 2010 that they had sequenced the peach tree genome all 227 million nucleotides of it. Researchers are also looking into the way that peach cultivation has been affected by human intervention in the growth and domestication of the species. 

Peaches have quite a specific set of requirements when it comes to where they thrive the conditions need to be dry and warm, but the best fruit grow in climates where there is also a reasonable period of cold weather that simply doesnt happen in tropical or sub-tropical areas. Today, 25 million tonnes of peaches are grown every year with 58% being produced in China. The US state of Georgia is known as the Peach State, due to its history of growing the fruit since 1571 and exporting them since 1858. 

The history of the peach

The botanical name for the peach is prunus persica in reference to Persia, but the fruits origins in China are well documented all the way back to the Neolithic period. Archaeological evidence suggests that peaches have been cultivated since as far back as 6,000 BCE in the Zhejiang Province in China. There is evidence to suggest that specific strains of peach were being selected to be grown in this area. Chinese documents dating back to the 1st millennium BCE feature peaches and it wasnt long before they became established as a firm favourite in Japan as well.

The taste of peaches proved irresistible to the farmers of India who started cultivating trees in 1,700 BCE and they began to appear in Greece a thousand years later when, it is claimed, Alexander the Great brought the fruit to Europe for the first time after conquering Persia. This may or may not be true, but there is proof that the Romans were keen on peaches and there were peach trees shown in paintings found in the remains of the towns which were destroyed when Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE. 

It wasnt until the 17th century that peaches reached the UK and France and these were imported from the Americas where it quickly became the kind of treat only the very wealthiest could afford. This appreciation of the peach has continued ever since and there are a number of references to the fruit in popular culture and literature. 

Peaches and cream is a classic combination for good reason the sweetness of the peaches and the unctuous decadence of the cream complement each other perfectly in this simple recipe which is easy to whip up and sure to impress.

You can make your own peach-flavoured whipped cream for this recipe, using a whipped cream dispenser and cream charger.


Perfect Peaches and Cream

You will need:


6 ripe peaches

90g of butter

100g of sugar

250ml of cream

Whipped cream dispenser

Whipped cream charger

50ml of Monin peach syrup


1. Slice the peaches into eighths and place the butter in a frying pan to melt

2. When the butter is melted, sprinkle the sugar into the butter and stir until thoroughly combined

3. Gently add the peaches and increase the heat, stirring the peaches regularly until they are tender and coated with the sugar and butter glaze

4. Turn the heat off and allow to stand.

5. While the peaches stand, you can make the whipped cream. Pour the Monin peach syrup and fresh cream into the whipped cream dispenser, and screw shut. Screw a cream charger onto the device, and shake vigorously to combine the ingredients into a fluffy, light whipped cream.

6. Serve the peaches topped with a squirt of the whipped cream


This is an easy dish which you can whip up in minutes, to make the most of ripe peaches in season with a topping that will make your mouth water. The sweet succulence of peaches and the delicately flavoured cream make this perfect for a weekday dessert or an impressive end to a dinner party. 

  • Nutritional information:
    per 100ml
  • Sugar Free:
    Includes sugar
  • Nut Free:
    Nut free
  • Energy per 100ml:
  • Energy per serving:
  • Vegertarian:
  • Fat:
    0 g
  • Quantity:
  • Vegan Friendly:
  • Saturated Fat:
    0 g
  • Gluten Free:
    Gluten Free
  • Total Carbohydrates:
    83.1 g
  • Carbohydrates Per Serving:
    83.1 g
  • Of which sugars:
    83.1 g
  • Kosher Friendly:
    Kosher Friendly
  • Dairy Free:
    Dairy Free
  • Free From GMOs:
    GMO Free
  • Fibre:
  • Halal Friendly:
    Halal Friendly
  • No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives:
    Includes colouring or preservatives
  • Protein:
    0 g
  • Contains Natural Ingredients Only:
    Includes colouring or preservatives
  • Salt:
    0.03 g
  • Ingredients:
    Sugar, water, acid= citric acid, concentrated peach juice, natural flavouring, concentrated lemon juice, colour= E163.Total fruit juice= 13%, including 10% peach juice.
  • Alcohol:
    Alcohol free
  • Natural:
    Not Organic
  • Energy kcal:
  • MPN:
  • GTIN:
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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