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Nitro Dispensers

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N2 Nitrogen ‘Nitro’ Dispensers

We stock the best of the best N2 brands including Pro Nitro from Pro Whip, popular brand iSi and UK brand Hatfields! N2 dispensers are easy to use and add great texture to your favourite beverages! These compact appliances can also be used with milkshakes or even smoothies if coffee or beer are not your thing! 

How to use: 

1. Pour your favourite drink into the N2 dispenser e.g. coffee, beer, milkshake.

2. Screw on the charger holder with the inserted Nitro Charger onto the upright dispenser.

3. Vigorously Shake the dispenser. 

4. Serve the Nitro Drink! - Hold the tip slightly slanted against the glass and press the lever for the best results! 

Our dedicated customer service team is available for any questions you have regarding N2 and our advice centre available HERE includes safety information as well as FAQ’s.  

We also stock a range of N2 Nitrogen chargers available here at Discount Cream.