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Nitro Chargers


Nitrogen (N2) Cartridges

Nitrogen N2 is another popular gas that is used in Nitro chargers for Nitrogen Dispensers. It is a transparent, odourless gas that can be used to make barista-quality nitro drinks such as cold brews, stoat foam and can even be added to a keg! The result is a creamy luxurious texture similar to the famous Guinness dry stoat, you can easily make professional drinks at home. 

Our range of the best priced N2 canisters includes the sought after iSi brand as well as the UK brand Hatfields. The chargers are made from stainless steel which is 100% recyclable once all the gas is dispelled! 

Our dedicated customer service team is available for any questions you have regarding N2 and our advice centre available HERE includes safety information as well as FAQ’s.  

We also stock a range of N2 Nitro dispensers available here at Discount Cream.

Nitrogen Chargers FAQs


What are nitrogen chargers?

Nitrogen chargers contain a consistent volume of nitrogen (N2) gas and are used to fill up nitrogen dispensers to create nitro drinks.


How do nitrogen chargers work?

Nitrogen (N2) is an odourless and transparent gas that can be used with nitrogen dispensers to release and inject the N2 gas into a liquid to make velvety nitro drinks. Nitrogen chargers only fit and work nitrogen dispensers. They do not work with dispensers or siphons.


What are nitrogen chargers used for?

Nitrogen chargers can be used on a wide variety of drinks to create a velvety texture that is rich in flavour, including barista-quality coffees, cold brews, stoat foam and it can be added to a keg. Nitro chargers allow you to create rich and creamy textured drinks, at a professional standard on-demand.

Do you have to be over 18 to buy nitrogen chargers?

Yes, nitrogen chargers are not available to be bought if you are under the age of 18 years. All orders are sent through an age verified service where ID is required on delivery. Resellers should also ensure that their customers are over the age of 18.

How long do nitrogen chargers last?

All N2 canisters should be stored in a cool place and should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight.

Nitro drinks, link nitro coffee need to be kept in the fridge once made to extend the shelf life and keep flavoursome. When stored correctly in a keg, nitro drinks can last up to several months without going flat. For best results, enjoy your nitro drinks straight away. Depending on the type of nitro drink, you may need to use a stabilising ingredient.

Where can you buy nitrogen chargers?

Nitrogen chargers can be found in some high street stores however they can be bought online from various retailers. Discount Cream is the leading supplier of nitrogen chargers and cream charger products in the UK with next day delivery available.


What are the differences between nitrogen charger brands?

Discount Cream stocks a few different nitrogen charger brands and there are a couple of differences between them. The main difference is the volume, quantity and cost of nitro chargers. iSi Nitro chargers produce 2.4g chargers in a range of pack sizes, Liss nitro chargers come in 2.2g and you can buy a pack of up to 720 and Hatfields Nitropress offer 2g canisters that also come in a range of quantities, up to a pack of 720.


Are nitrogen chargers legal?

Yes, nitrogen chargers are legal when used for legitimate catering purposes such as the production of stout foams and nitro drinks. All pressurised gases require proper handling due to the nature of the products and when misused can be a danger to health. All customers must ensure to read the manufacturer’s safety information before placing an order for any N2 canisters.


Are nitrogen chargers recyclable?

Yes - nitrogen chargers can be recycled where steel recycling is available as they are made from 100% stainless steel. Make sure that each nitrogen charger is disposed of properly by being completely emptied of gas.

What dispensers are nitrogen chargers compatible with?

The nitrogen chargers that Discount Cream supplies are compatible with most nitrogen dispensers. Discount Cream stock a range of sizes and leading brands including Pro Nitro and iSi and wholesale packs are also available, for all your catering needs.