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Nitrogen (N2) Cartridges

Nitrogen N2 is another popular gas that is used in Nitro chargers for Nitrogen Dispensers. It is a transparent, odourless gas that can be used to make barista-quality nitro drinks such as cold brews, stoat foam and can even be added to a keg! The result is a creamy luxurious texture similar to the famous Guinness dry stoat, you can easily make professional drinks at home. 

Our range of the best priced N2 canisters includes the sought after iSi brand as well as the UK brand Hatfields. The chargers are made from stainless steel which is 100% recyclable once all the gas is dispelled! 

Our dedicated customer service team is available for any questions you have regarding N2 and our advice centre available HERE includes safety information as well as FAQ’s.  

We also stock a range of N2 Nitro dispensers available here at Discount Cream.