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N2O Cream Dispensers

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iSi Thermo-XPress 1L

N2O Whipped Cream Dispensers

Looking for the best cream whipper? Our selection of whipped cream dispensers are perfect for any chef who wants to make the best, industry-standard whipped cream and avoid the hassle of whipping cream manually. These nitrous oxide cream whippers (N2O cream whippers) are ideal for both business and personal use and will suit any kitchen and make you feel like a true culinary pro. 


Nitrous oxide cream whipper dispensers work perfectly with cream chargers to create the highest quality whipped cream, where you can taste and see the difference. Our luxury cream whippers are built to last and come from a range of the top cream whipper brands including Pro Whip and iSi.

Cream Whipper Dispenser Sizes

Discount Cream stock whipped cream dispensers in a range of sizes, depending on how much whipped cream you're likely to go through. Our cream whipper dispensers range from small 250ml sizes for smaller uses to larger, 1L sizes for serious cream whipper gun users who may deal with hundreds of covers in a day. Whether you’re a home baking fanatic, cafe or bar owner, you’ll find the perfect cream chargers and dispensers for the ultimate cream whipper dispenser at Discount Cream. 

Whipped Cream Dispenser Creations


Get creative with whipped cream dispensers, and use them for creating outstanding drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, delicious desserts, mouses, foams and sauces. Why not add a splash of flavour to your creations with flavoured syrups & sauces? Or check out our blog for more delicious recipes.


While you're looking at cream whippers, don’t forget to stock up on cream charger canisters so you can use them right away. Our range of cream chargers covers a whole host of brands, sizes and pack numbers to keep you in cream for as long as you need!



Cream Whippers FAQ

What are cream whippers?

Cream whippers are stainless steel cylinders filled with pure nitrous oxide. They are perfect for making industry-standard whipped cream with ease. No more manual whipping required!

Are cream whippers recyclable?

Yes - cream whippers, like cream chargers can be recycled as they are made from 100% stainless steel. Make sure that each cream whipper is disposed of properly by being completely emptied of gas.

How do cream whippers work?

Cream whippers work with cream chargers to aerate liquid, producing whipped cream, flavoured foam, and fancy cocktails! The addition of pure nitrous oxide is done by attaching cream chargers to the whipper. The gas is then released into the canister and once the trigger is pressed, the liquid and gas mix, coming out of the nozzle as a cream.

Do you have to be 18 to buy cream whippers?

Yes, all purchasers of cream whippers and nitrous oxide must be over the age of 18 years old. These orders will be sent through an Age Verified service where an ID is required on delivery.

What are cream whippers used for?

Cream whippers can be used to make topping cream for beverages such as hot chocolate, coffees, and milkshakes for professional standard drinks. They can also be used to create a range of alcoholic beverages and cocktails as well as edible savoury foam.

How long do cream whippers last?

Fresh whipped cream from a cream whipper can be stored in the fridge inside the dispenser for up to 14 days. If you plan to keep your whipped cream for a longer period than a couple of days it is recommended to use a stabilising ingredient.

Where sells cream whippers?

Cream whippers are available in some high street stores in the UK, however, you can buy cream chargers online from various retailers. Discount Cream being the leading suppliers and delivered to you with next day delivery available.

What are the differences between brands?


There are few differences between the different brands of cream whippers. The main difference is both the price and volume, some whippers come in a smaller size such as the 250ml Pro Whip Classic Whipper. Or there are larger whippers such as the iSi Pro Whip 1 Litre.

Are cream whippers legal?

Yes, cream whippers are legal for their legitimate uses such as in the catering industry for whipping fresh cream, and making beverages. However, cream whippers are used with cream chargers that contain nitrous oxide which is governed under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016. For more information on our due diligence to combat the Misuse of N2O, please click the link.

What dispensers are cream chargers compatible with?

The cream whippers that we supply are compatible with most cream chargers. Discount Cream stock a range of sizes, brands, and wholesale packs for all your catering needs.