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MOSA Pro-Max Cream Chargers Manufacturers Instructions

Product Safety Information 

Nitrous Oxide: E 942; EG-Nr:233-032-0

H270 – May cause or intensify fire; oxidiser.

H280 – Contains gas under pressure; may explode if heated.

H336 – May cause drowsiness and dizziness.

P102 – Keep out of reach from children.

P103 – Read label before use.

P210 – Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking.

P211 – Do not spray on an open flame or other ignition source.

P220 – Keep away from clothing and other combustible materials.

P244 – Keep valves and fittings free from oil and grease.

P260 – Do not breathe in dust/fumes/gas/mist/vapours.

P370 + P376 – In case of fire; prevent the gas from leaking if possible.

P304 + P340 + P315 – IF INHALED: Take victim outside and allow to be in fresh air. Keep at rest in a position that’s comfortable for breathing. Seek medical advice immediately.

P410 + P403 – Protect from sunlight.

Store in a well ventilated place.

Do not store inside a car or container that is exposed to direct sunlight. Do not put into freezer. Asphyxiant if in high concentrations. Contact with liquid gas may cause burns.

Nitrous Oxide – E942

For use with food in limited quantities.

For foaming whipping cream with a cream whipper only.

Max quantity for cream whipper: 8g for 500ml/0.5L cream.

Tara: 1400 gram

Volume: 950ml/0.95L 

Pressure tested: PH 180bar

Net weight: 615g

Pressure at room temp. About 55-85bar.

Compliance with: ISO 11118:2015

Do not refill.

Not for distribution in retail.

Instructions for use: 

Before use carefully read the instruction manuals of the pressure regulator and the cream whipper. 

Carefully screw the pressure regulator onto the top of the secured cylinder in a straight-up position (do not cross thread) and tighten by hand.

Use a special adapter to connect the pressure regulator with the cream whipper.

When cylinder is empty – if no gas comes out – slowly unscrew the pressure regulator.

Release residue gas by using the enclosed top – hold the tip away from body parts because the gas can be very cold.

Dispose of the empty bottle in steel waste or with other ferrous materials. 

Never dispose of full or pressurised cylinder. 

Best before: 2 years.