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Monin Syrups 70CL

Contains Natural Ingredients Only
Free From GMOs
Halal Friendly
Keto Friendly
Kosher Friendly
Nut Free
Sugar Free
Vegan Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Fat Free
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70cl Monin Syrups

In 1912, a French entrepreneur by the name of Georges Monin set out with a goal in mind - to create a family-run, artisan brand of flavouring syrups for hot and cold beverages.

Today, his company, Monin Syrups, is still based out of the French city of Bourges - but their syrups have become a worldwide sensation, propelling them to market leaders of the beverage syrup world, easily spotted in most bars and restaurants around the globe

The Monin Syrups range alone contains over 130 flavours including caramel, vanilla, and black forest available in a variety of bottle sizes and bottle types depending on preference and desire.

As well as being the flavouring syrup of choice for baristas and coffee enthusiasts in coffee syrups, Monin's 70cl Syrups such as watermelon, grenadine and mojito mint flavour can also be used as an ingredient to make delicious cocktails

The 70cl glass bottle range is the most visually appealing out of all the ranges and can easily be recycled, making it the ideal choice for businesses and trades such as coffee shops, bars and restaurants. It's smaller 70cl bottle also makes it ideal for coffee enthusiasts to store them in their kitchen cupboards.

You can see the instantly recognisable Monin brand in popular high street coffee shops such as Costa Coffee who exclusively stock Monin as their flavouring syrup brand of choice for all of their hot and cold beverages

Monin's flavouring syrups also feature in bars, pubs and restaurants in more than 150 countries, showing the prestige that Monins high-quality products have forged for themselves as the flavouring syrup of choice around the world.