Monin Syrup 70cl Mojito

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Monin Mojito Syrup

Monin Mojito Syrup is just one of a delicious range of flavours, used by coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and enjoyed across the country and further afield.

The bottles come in a 70cl Glass Bottle, and a 1l Plastic bottle variation which is ideal for bars, cafes and coffee shops, but can also be used at home.

Monin Mojito Syrup 

When trying to capture the essence of the Caribbean in a cup, all you need is a Mojito. With its refreshing and punchy taste, this Cuban cocktail is the drink to provide a one-way salsa to the beach. Sadly, the beverage is a time-consuming one to prepare, and an authentic taste requires various ingredients which can be tricky to source. Thats not an issue, however, when using Monin Mojito Syrup.   

With lime and mint flavours at the forefront, the syrup can help transform everything from coffee to smoothies.  

The History 

Unlike the taste and appearance of the drink itself, the mojito has a muddled and cloudy origin story. Some historians trace the cocktail all the way back to 1586, and they even say Sir Francis Drake had a part to play in its creation. 

Drake, who was on a mission to plunder the New Worlds Spanish cities and commandeer their riches, landed in Havana ready to wage war for the citys reserves of Aztec gold. Havana was ready to fight. Yet after waiting several days, something shocking happened: Drake sailed away. A few shots aside, he put in little effort to acquire the gold he desired. 

As uneventful as Drakes visit was, it had still been a major occasion. Some feel it was big enough to warrant a local drink being named in tribute to Drake. This drink was the Draque also known as Drac or Drak and it comprised mint, sugar, lime and aguardiente. The latter ingredient, aguardiente, was the precursor of rum. Others feel the beverage actually began its life aboard Drakes ship, a theory which is supported by the mint stock they possessed. 

While it isnt irrefutable who concocted Draque, there are no doubts around the original purpose of the drink: as a medicinal aid. The beverage was used for colds and fevers, and it was also drunk to help during a cholera epidemic in Havana. It remained this way until the mid-19th century. At this point, Draque underwent an ingredient change. Out went the aguardiente, in came rum. And there was also one other important adjustment: it started being referenced as a Mojito. 

Again, this is an aspect of the Mojitos history which is disputed. In some circles, they say Americans, who were enjoying the Cuban nightlife between the wars, introduced Mint Julep to locals. Regardless of its unclear past, theres no disputing the Mojito is Cubas oldest cocktail and currently one of the bestselling beverages of its kind on the planet.


Recipe Idea 

Orange and Mojito Sponge Cake 

As light and tasty as it is, do you think the traditional sponge cake is a little, well, boring? Well if youre searching for a way to jazz up a classic, youve come to the right place. With the influence of orange and Mojito at the forefront, this sponge cake recipe delivers an exciting citrus kick to proceedings.

This refreshing take on a sponge cake is complemented by fresh, homemade, mojito flavoured whipped cream, made with a whipped cream dispenser and NOS cream charger.

What you will need: 

  • Two medium sized eggs

  • Self-rising flour (125g)

  • Caster sugar (125g)

  • Butter or margarine (125g)

  • Fresh cream (240ml)

  • Whipped cream dispenser

  • Whipped cream charger

  • Monin Mojito Syrup (60ml)

  • Orange marmalade (150g)

  • Lemon for zesting 

- Preheat the oven to gas mark 4/180C. Get two seven-inch cake tins and line these with baking parchment. 

- In a bowl, place the sugar and butter, combining both until a pale mixture is created. If you have an electric hand mixer, this will come in handy for this process. Beat the two eggs into the mixture. Then its a case of sifting over the flour and folding this into the mix with a large spoon.

- When the mixture has a dropping consistency and if it doesnt, add a splash of milk its time for the bake. Divide the mixture evenly between the two cake tins, using a spatula to gently spread everything out. Leave in the oven for 20-25 minutes. Once you insert a skewer and it comes out clean, you can then remove the cakes from the oven. 

- As the cakes cool, you can prepare the Mojito-inspired whipped cream. Grab a whipped cream dispenser and pour in the Monin Mojito Syrup and fresh cream. Screw in a cream charger, shake the device for a few seconds, and you will be provided with delicious, fluffy whipped cream.

- On top of one of the cakes, spread a generous amount of both the orange marmalade and whipped cream. Place the other cake on top, creating a sandwich effect of sorts. To finish, get a fresh lemon and, with a zester, grate a small amount onto the cake.  

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Brand: Monin


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Nutritional information
per 100ml
Energy per 100ml
Energy per serving
0 g
Saturated Fat
0 g
Total Carbohydrates
70 g,
Of which sugars
70 g,
0 g
0.03 g.
Values may vary from batch to catch due to variations which can occur in natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, natural mint flavouring.

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