Monin Syrup 70cl Honey

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Monin Honey Syrup

Monin Honey Syrup is just one of a delicious range of flavours, used by coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and enjoyed across the country and further afield.

The bottles come in a 70cl Glass Bottle, and a 1l Plastic bottle variation which is ideal for bars, cafes and coffee shops, but can also be used at home.


Sweet, rich and sticky honey is a food thats as famous as it is delicious. This natural sugar, a product of nectar from flowers, has a distinctive and floral quality to its taste. However, Monin Honey Syrup is a little different to your standard jar of honey. This syrup has been specifically developed to dissolve in an instant, which means it is perfect for adding honey flavour without the thick texture to everything from coffee to cocktails. 

The History 

It is difficult for historians to say when honey first came into existence. Honey bee fossils have been discovered which date back approximately 150 million years. As a result, humans have had their entire existence to learn about, source and cultivate honey. In terms of the earliest recordings of beekeeping, this dates back to around 7000 BC. A cave painting found in Valencia, Spain depicted a human harvesting honey from a wild bee colony. 

When considering the convenience of modern times, it is hard to truly appreciate the impact honey has had through history. During its storied lifespan, honey has been utilised in various ways. It has been consumed. It has been used as a treatment for wounds. It has been used as a bathing product. 

And thats just the start. 

Ancient Egyptians used honey in a number of different methods. Not only was it used in embalming fluid as an ingredient, but it was also presented to their gods as a gift. The Egyptians would bake honey cakes in an effort to appease the gods. They werent the only ones to go down this route. The Greeks also attempted to placate the gods by crafting their own honey cakes. 

In Ancient Greece, honey was also used in various different recipes. Along with everything from cakes to sweetmeats, the Greeks even combined the sweet and sticky ingredient with cheese to produce an early take on cheesecake. They also considered honey to be a healing medicine, something they had in common with the Romans. After battles, Roman soldiers would be provided with honey and vinegar to heal their wounds. 

In Europe, it took until the Renaissance for honeys importance to fade. During this time period, sugar could be imported easier than ever before. And so by the 17th century, sugar had replaced honey as the sweetener of choice. Even though it cant quite compete with sugar in terms of sale numbers, honey is still, to this day, a popular food product. Due to being an organic natural sugar, adaptable and flavoursome, its also easy to see why so many keep a jar around in their kitchen.   

Recipe Idea

Bacon Pancakes with Honey Whipped Cream 

This recipe is a further example as to why the combination of sweet and savoury works so well. Crispy bacon brings a salty sensation to the party, while the honey-infused whipped cream offers the ideal sugary contrast. While these two bold, delicious flavours steal the show, it is easy to forget the most integral part of the recipe: pancakes. Everything is tied together perfectly with these light and tasty pancakes.

What you will need: 

  • Two bacon slices

  • Olive oil (2 tsp)

  • Two eggs

  • Milk (50ml)

  • Self-rising flour (140g)

  • Butter (5g)

  • Monin Honey Syrup (40ml)

  • Fresh cream (160ml)

  • Whpped cream dispenser

  • Cream charger

- To begin, get a suitable frying pan and heat the olive oil over a high heat. Once the oil is hot, place the slices of bacon into the pan. Cook the slices for around ten minutes, turning over occasionally until the bacon is nice and crispy. Remove the bacon from the pan and set aside for now. 

- In a bowl, whisk together the two eggs, milk and flour. The aim is to create a batter which is both thick and smooth. 

- Clean out the frying pan, grease it with the butter and return to the heat. When hot, add two sizeable portions of the batter to the pan. When the surface of the batter begins to bubble, this is a sign it needs turning over. Allow the batter to cook for a further minute or until a golden consistency has been achieved. The end result should be thick yet fluffy pancakes. 

- To make the honey-flavoured whipped cream, you need one particular tool available in your kitchen: a whipped cream dispenser. Place the fresh cream and Monin Honey Syrup into the dispenser, close it up, and screw in a cream charger. For a few seconds, energetically shake the dispenser to craft a light and delectable honey whipped cream. 

- With everything ready, place the pancakes on to a plate. Place the bacon slices on top, and then squirt a hearty amount of the honey whipped cream over the dish. Enjoy.

Additional Product Information
Brand: Monin


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Nutritional information
per 100ml
Energy per 100ml
Energy per serving
0 g
Saturated Fat
0 g
Total Carbohydrates
81.3 g,
Of which sugars
81.3 g,
0 g
0.03 g
Values may vary from batch to catch due to variations which can occur in natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, natural honey flavouring, acid= citric acid, colour= E150a, preservative= E202.

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