Monin Syrup 1L Green Mint

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Monin Green Mint Syrup

Monin Green Mint Syrup is just one of a delicious range of flavours, used by coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and enjoyed across the country and further afield.

The bottles come in a 1l plastic size, and a 70cl glass variation which is ideal for bars, cafes and coffee shops, but can also be used at home.


The uniquely cool flavour of mint has been providing a refreshing twist to a range of dishes and drinks for centuries, and mint has also been prized for its medicinal properties. Famed around the world for its versatility, mint has been used in a range of cosmetics and perfumes, was used as a room deodoriser for centuries and was known to the Greeks as a herb of hospitality. A splash of Monin green mint syrup is the perfect addition to a range of drinks, from mint juleps to mojitos, and you can use it to add fresh notes and a striking colour to a variety of tasty treats.


Mint through the ages

The word ‘mint’ comes from the Greek minthe and traditional mythology tells of a nymph named Minthe who was turned into a mint plant by Queen Persephone in a fit of jealous rage over her husband, Hades. She chose mint as a plant which was likely to be trodden on and crushed, so Hades gave Minthe a delicious scent that would remind him of her. 


The Ancient Greeks used mint in a number of rituals, including one involving fermented barley which was said to give anyone who took it the chance to enjoy the afterlife. However, they also used it to make flavoured cordials and fruit compotes as well as to add a little fragrance to their baths and in perfumes. Mint has been found in Egyptian tombs dating back as far as 1,000 BCE, suggesting that ancient civilisations found the smell and taste of mint as appealing as we do today.


Mint has also long been considered an effective remedy for stomach aches and chest pains and traditional medicine uses mint extensively in a range of remedies. Many people swear by mint tea as a means to relieve indigestion, and the menthol found in mint is a common ingredient in cold medicines, also helping to relieve headaches.


There are between 13 and 18 distinct varieties of mint which grow throughout the world, and due to their propensity for significant and swift growth, they are considered an invasive plant in some areas. They thrive in cool, damp areas and can grow all year round. The most popular strains are peppermint and spearmint, with apple mint and corn mint coming closely behind. The fresh taste of mint has become a firm favourite around the world as an ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes, with many people using it as their secret ingredient.


An international love affair with mint

As one of the most popular flavours in the world, mint has been combined with a range of different foods to create savoury and sweet dishes as well as a range of drinks. Mint has long been considered the pinnacle of freshness which is why it is often used in toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum, offering a sweetly pungent aroma which most people love.


In Mexico, mint is called ‘yerba bueno’ which means ‘good herb’, reflecting its cultural importance and the importance of its place in their society. The Mexican climate is ideal for voracious mint growth so wild mint is abundant in a number of regions, where it is prized for its medicinal properties and wide variety of culinary uses. 


Mint has been used medicinally for thousands of years, but it also features in many traditional cuisines; in the UK, it is a classic accompaniment to roast lamb, and is also used in Moroccan tagines. Mint ice cream is also a hugely popular flavour in many countries.


This version of a classic Grasshopper cocktail is the perfect way to get a fresh minty hit!


Make your own homemade whipped cream using a dispenser and cream chargers to add a delicious creamy kick to the cocktail.


Green Mint Grasshopper

You will need:


30ml of crème de menthe

30ml of white crème de cacao

10ml Branca Menta

75ml of double cream

10ml Monin green mint syrup

Whipped cream dispenser

Cream charger


Fill a cocktail shaker with the crème de menthe, crème de cacao, Branca Menta and 30ml of the cream and shake well to mix thoroughly. Strain the mixture into a glass. To make the whipped cream, pour the remaining double cream and the Monin green mint syrup into a whipped cream dispenser. Screw on a cream charger, and shake thoroughly. Squirt a generous swirl of cream onto the top of the drink. For a truly indulgent finish, you can grate a little chocolate over the top or add a further drizzle of monin green mint syrup. 


This recipe really ramps up the mint, and the cool colour is just one of the things that makes it the perfect drink for any mint-lover. Using a whipped cream dispenser makes it easy to whip up a batch of these simple-but-delicious minty-fresh drinks and serve each one with a touch of luxury that makes them delightfully decadent as well as fragrant and refreshing.

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Brand: Monin


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Nutritional information
per 100ml
Energy per 100ml
Energy per serving
0 g
Saturated Fat
0 g
Total Carbohydrates
76 g
Of which sugars
76 g
0 g
0.03 g
Values may vary from batch to catch due to variations which can occur in natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Sugar, water, natural mint flavouring, flavouring, colour= E133.

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