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Liss Cream Chargers Manufacturers Instructions

Non-refillable chargers filled with N2O 1 charger whips up to 0.5 l (1 US Pint) of whipping cream, desserts, mouses, sauces etc. Use cream whipper and chargers only according to instructions. Do not use for any other purposes! Misuse can be dangerous to you health. Do not inhale. Gross weight approx. 28g per charger. Contains 10ml (approx 8g, 0.28 oz) pure N2O (E 942, nitrous oxide) Chargers are under pressure. Store in cool, dry, place. Keep out of reach of heat, do not store above  50°C/ 122°F. Keep out of reach of children. Do not damage chargers. Only dispose of empty chargers or packaging. Steel chargers are recyclable.