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Kokoa Collection


Buy Kokoa Collection - Award Winning Hot Chocolate by Origin

Award winning and of the finest quality, Kokoa Collection boasts an exquisite and extensive range of hot chocolates. As a member of the Academy of Chocolate, Kokoa Collection ensures luxury with every sip. 

With over ten delicious blends to choose from, Kokoa caters to all lovers of chocolate. Whether you’re a fan of the classic, creamy hot chocolate, or looking for a rich, dark flavour to entice your taste buds, Kokoa has you covered. Ranging from Ivory Coast White, to the Darkest Madagascan Blend, Kokoa ensures there’s a hot chocolate for everyone! 

Next-Day UK Delivery on Kokoa Collection Hot Chocolate

The Kokoa Collection is all available for Next Day Delivery, so if you love hot chocolate, or are a cafe or restaurant looking for your next luxurious product, you can receive your hot chocolate the next working day. 


Take a look at our collection of Kokoa products today, and treat yourself to a premium hot chocolate!