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Kiwi Monin 70cl Syrup

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Monin Kiwi Syrup

Monin Kiwi Syrup is just one of a delicious range of flavours, used by coffee shops such as Costa Coffee and enjoyed across the country and further afield.

The bottles come in a 70cl Glass Bottle, and a 1l Plastic bottle variation which is ideal for bars, cafes and coffee shops, but can also be used at home.


The kiwis fuzzy, hairy skin is far from the most alluring appearance, yet beneath this lies a fruit which packs in an irresistibly sweet and juicy flavour. The flesh has a creamy-like and mellow quality, yet it also boasts a unique, revitalising taste with a hint of tartness in the background. It also proves to be an excellent dance partner with other fruits and flavours, which makes Monin Kiwi Syrup the ideal way of adding the lusciousness of kiwis into a wide variety of juices, smoothies and cocktails. 

The History

The kiwi, which is an abbreviation of kiwifruit, has a history which is perhaps surprising for those unfamiliar with the fruits past. Long associated with New Zealand, kiwis actually began life in eastern and north-central China. In fact, the erstwhile Chinese gooseberry had its first recorded description all the way back in the 12th century. Yet as its place in the Compendium of Materia Medica, a Chinese medicine encyclopaedia from the 16th century, suggests, the fruit was rarely consumed as it is today. Instead, it was mainly utilised for its medicinal purposes, with kiwis collected from the wild rather than being cultivated.  

The true cultivation of kiwis, at least in a commercial sense, started at the beginning of the 20th century. Missionary Mary Isabel Fraser, fresh from a visit to schools in China, brought Kiwi seeds back home to New Zealand. As the kiwi trees blossomed, the first of the fruit was harvested in 1910. This set the wheels into motion for further trees to begin popping up all across the country, and suddenly New Zealand was the new home of kiwis. 

It took until 1959, however, for the fruit to be rebranded from Chinese gooseberries to kiwis. This happened because the adverse connotations revolving around the word gooseberries. To put it simply, gooseberries werent a popular commodity across the pond, and this name change was deemed necessary for kiwis to succeed as a commercial product outside of New Zealand. 

Succeed it did and, while it is still a symbol of New Zealand, kiwi is cultivated in many countries across the planet. Countries such as Italy, Iran and Chile have joined the fruits adopted home as some of the biggest producers at present. But ironically, it is China the original birthplace which cultivates the most kiwis in the world, and is responsible for approximately 50% of the fruits overall production. 

Recipe Idea

Strawberry and Kiwi Tarts

When you think of quality fruit combinations, the pairing of strawberry and kiwi is high on the list. Whether theyre put together in a smoothie, cocktail or, in this case, a tart, they complement each other so well to create a sweet, refreshing and fruity blast of flavour. Plus thanks to the simplicity of this recipe, which utilises fresh strawberries and an irresistible kiwi-infused whipped cream, it wont take long until youre enjoying the fruits of your labour. 

What you will need:

  • Fresh strawberries (500g)

  • Ready-made sweet shortcrust pastry (350g)

  • Flour

  • Strawberry jam (4 tbsp)

  • Monin Kiwi Syrup (45ml)

  • Fresh cream (180ml)

  • Whipped Cream Dispenser

  • Cream charger

- To start with, preheat the oven to gas mark 4/160C. 

- Due to using ready-made pastry, this helps to simplify the recipe and save you plenty of time. Dust a clear surface with flour. Now roll out the pastry, making it as thin as a £1 coin approximately. Use a saucer to cut out four circles from the pastry. 

- Grab a suitable baking tin with sections. Place each pastry slice into the tin, and cover these slices with greaseproof paper. Now fill with either rice or baking beans, and place them in the oven for around 25 minutes. Once done, bring them out, remove the greaseproof paper and rice/beans, and leave to cool. 

- A whipped cream dispenser is needed for this step. With the dispenser, open it up, pour in the fresh cream and Monin Kiwi Syrup, ensure it is securely closed, and attach a cream charger. Now shake the dispenser, doing so for long enough so the flavours combine and produce a light, kiwi-infused whipped cream. 

- Remove the hulls from the strawberries and slice them up carefully. With everything ready, you can begin assembling the tarts. First, spread a layer of the strawberry jam into the tarts. Now squirt a healthy amount of the whipped cream on top. Spread the strawberry slices on top and thats it: youve prepared and presented a set of delicious strawberry and kiwi tarts with ease. All that is left is to devour your new creations!

  • Nutritional information:
    per 100ml
  • Sugar Free:
    Includes sugar
  • Nut Free:
    Nut free
  • Energy per 100ml:
  • Energy per serving:
  • Vegertarian:
  • Fat:
  • Quantity:
  • Vegan Friendly:
  • Saturated Fat:
  • Gluten Free:
    Gluten Free
  • Total Carbohydrates:
  • Carbohydrates Per Serving:
  • Of which sugars:
  • Kosher Friendly:
    Kosher Friendly
  • Dairy Free:
    Dairy Free
  • Free From GMOs:
    GMO Free
  • Fibre:
  • Halal Friendly:
    Halal Friendly
  • No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives:
    Includes colouring or preservatives
  • Protein:
  • Contains Natural Ingredients Only:
    Includes colouring or preservatives
  • Salt:
  • Ingredients:
    Sugar, Water, Citric Acid, Concentrated Kiwi Juice, Natural Flavouring, Emulsifiers Acacia Gum, E445, Colour E133. Kiwi Juice 10%
  • Alcohol:
    Alcohol free
  • Natural:
    Not Organic
  • Energy kcal:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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