iSi Nitro Whip 1L Nitro DIspenser

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Become part of the smooth revolution: Nitro drinks achieve an incredibly creamy texture with a velvety foam crown through the processing with nitrogen (nitro). Create Nitro coffee, tea & cocktails in an instant!

  • You'll be convinced by the cold brew coffee, charged with nitrogen, available in a fantastic range of flavour's.
  • Individual preparation: whether nitro coffee, tea or cocktails, with or without alcohol and flavouring - you decide.
  • Prepare every drink fresh - quickly and easily - and enjoy your guests' fascination.
  • Handy, flexible and space-saving
  • Easy operation and cleaning: Completely dishwasher safe
  • Made of high quality stainless steel for long life and safety.
  • NSF-certified and developed for professional kitchens
Please Note - The iSi Nitro Whip is not compatible with any cream chargers available on the market. To prepare fresh whipped cream, please use any original iSi whipper that works with iSi cream chargers.

How to use

1. Pour in the Liquid
Fill the iSI Nitro Whip with the liquid preparation up to maximum filling capacity indicated on the outside of the bottle.
2. Screw on the charger holder
Screw on the charger holder with the inserted iSi Nitro Charger onto the upright Nitro Whip.
3. Shake the Whipper
Vigorously shake the iSi Nitro Whip
4. Serve the Nitro Drink.
Hold the tip slightly slatned against the glass and press the lever.

*Please note - the iSi Nitro Whip does not come with chargers - please purchase these separately

Before purchasing this product, please ensure that you have read the full Safety Information HERE on how to safely handle and use Whipping Dispensers.

Additional Product Information
Type: Nitro Dispensers
Charger Size: 8g
Brand: iSi


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