Instant Coffee

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Beanies instant coffee was created nearly a decade ago in the north of England, by a group of people who had a revolutionary idea; to produce a delicious low-calorie alternative instant coffee to give calorie-conscious coffee lovers more options of hot drinks in a wealth of amazing flavours!

Now, Beanies has exploded in popularity - their delicious variety of coffees can be enjoyed in over 30 countries worldwide, and their flavour range continues to grow!

Each cup of Beanies instant coffee contains only 2 calories, meaning you can enjoy any one of their flavours without worrying about your waistline. Simply add hot water and milk to the beans to give yourself a delicious flavoured coffee in seconds. Beanies are the perfect choice for delicious flavoursome coffee if you are on Slimming World, Weight Watchers or even following the Ketogenic Diet (meaning Beanies' instant coffee is Keto-Friendly!).

From the decadent tastes of Cookie Dough and Chocolate Orange to Beanies’ own take on the famous Pumpkin Spice coffee, there’s a flavour for everyone!

Why not buy one of our four delicious Beanies bundles? Each bundle will let you try four flavours that have got similar themes, allowing you to experience even more delicious tastes that only Beanies can provide!