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Iced Tea Syrups


Iced Tea Syrups for Refreshingly Delicious Iced Tea

Iced tea syrups are a great addition to your cupboard. They provide you with a wide range of unique flavours and add something different to your normal beverage. 

Iced tea is such a refreshing way to hydrate, with the Summer season being the perfect situation to enjoy a cool glass. However, iced tea isn’t just limited to warm weather, enjoy it any time of the year with Discount Cream!

With our range of iced tea syrups in flavours such as Lemon or Peach Syrup for tea and Matcha Syrup for Green Tea, you can really elevate your drinks! 

Take a look at our selection of iced tea syrup flavours and brands below, also available in different sizes for professional use or to try at home.