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Hot & Cold Drinks


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Dairy Free

Fat Free

Free From GMOs

Gluten Free

Halal Friendly

Keto Friendly

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No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives

Nut Free

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Purees, Teas, Frappe's and Hot Chocolates

Hot Drinks

Discover our range of herbal and regular teas from top brands including Twinings and Drink Chai. Whether you're staunchly in the English breakfast camp, or if you like to explore a world of flavours and tastes then we are certain you will find something you will like.

Alongside these teas we have a range of gorgeous hot chocolates made with genuine chocolate from premium brand Zuma, who have flavours including dark and white chocolates which are luxury in a mug. We also have family favourites from Cadbury and Galaxy which are essential items for any family drinks cupboard.

Cold Drinks

Frappe's are an excellent way to drink coffee without having to make a cafetiere or even boil the kettle, simply make them cold brewed and enjoy the selection of fruity and sweet flavours we have available. Add some whipped cream to them to make them even more delicious and exotic!

If coffee isn't your think then we also have a range of smoothie mixes to choose from from top brands including Monin, which allow you to make delicious smoothies without have to cut, chop and blend your ingredients. The perfect cold drink for someone who loves a smoothie but lacks the time!