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Healthy Syrups


Buy Healthy Syrups Online UK

Our healthy syrup selection is ideal for those who love generous helpings without the guilt. Discount Cream’s healthy syrups contain natural ingredients and real fruit, allowing you to enjoy your favourite flavours for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and most importantly, dessert!

Try our banana syrup made from pure blended banana and natural flavourings on top of muesli. Or why not go fresh with our tropical reduced-sugar passion fruit syrup, perfect for complimenting a morning smoothie to kickstart your day. 

Fresh Range of Healthy Syrups

If buying organic is important to you, our organic syrup range delivers flavour without artificial ingredients or processes. Discount Cream also provides vegan syrups for plant-based and dairy-free diets, or discover our fruit-flavoured syrups for a fresh-tasting drink.

Our sugar free and reduced-sugar syrups are great for a more indulgent breakfast, our Maple Bourbon Pecan Skinny Syrup works wonderfully as a topping or healthy pancake syrup alternative. Explore all of our skinny syrups range for your next sugar-free flavour.

Explore our range of healthy syrups today and get baking, drink-making and pancake topping!