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Hafields London

Hatfields London are an industry favourite, developing their signature brand ‘NitroPress’ to create a professional handheld nitrogen dispenser as well as 2g of pure food grade N2 canisters that perfectly pair with the NitroPress.

Hatfields are constantly pushing the Nitro boundaries with new innovative designs with the user in mind; whether you enjoy a cold brew at home or want to provide your customers with the most popular nitro beverages. Their innovative products have reduced the need for large gas canisters and the NitroPress can also be used to whip, infuse as well as foam with N20 cream chargers and can even carbonate drinks with CO2 cartridges!

Purchase Pure Food Grade Nitrogen

Nitro drinks such as Nitro Coffee have never been easier to make at home with Discount Cream’s Hatfield London range. Pure food grade nitrogen available with fast, reliable delivery and unbeatable prices.