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Eco Food Packaging


Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Food Packaging!

Eco-friendly food packaging is a great solution for any green-minded catering service with food to go. They are made from renewable plant-based materials, paper and wood, which are compostable and biodegradable. 

Swapping the standard plastic packaging to eco-friendly food packaging is a great way to go. It'll satisfy customers and also help to reduce the amount of needless plastic. 

If you're worried whether eco-friendly packaging is as sturdy as plastic, don't be! The materials are remarkably strong, meaning your customers' meals will be protected at all times.

So, choose from Discount Cream’s wide range of eco-friendly food packaging, including takeaway containers, pizza boxes, and trays and platters.

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Buy Eco-Friendly Food Packaging from Discount Cream

Discount Cream has a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging available to cater for your needs. If you order before 5:30pm, you can pick next day delivery at the checkout. 


So, go green and switch to eco-friendly food packaging!