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Eco Cutlery & Straws


Eco-Friendly Cutlery and Straws

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Cutlery and Straws!

Eco-friendly cutlery and straws are the ideal solutions for any food retailer or outlet looking to provide customers with environmentally friendly products. They are made from sustainably sourced paper and plant-based materials.

Discount Cream’s range of eco-friendly cutlery includes knives, forks, and spoons. We’ve also got a range of straws and stirrers that are great to use with our eco cups.

They are great to use for outdoor events, picnics or even if you’re working in an office to use at lunchtime! 

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Buy Eco-Friendly Cutlery and Straws from Discount Cream

Discount Cream has a wide variety of eco-friendly cutlery and straws available to cater for your needs. If you order before 5:30pm, you can pick next day delivery at the checkout. 


So, make sure you’re completely stocked up with what you need.