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Discount Cream’s Recycling Program 

Learn more about our mission as distributors and what we’re doing to help reduce collective carbon footprints.

Here at Discount Cream the environmental impact of our company has always been very important to us. We are striving to make continuous improvements to our carbon footprint as a business in new and innovative ways, and now putting more focus into helping trades within our supply chain do the same to reduce their carbon footprints and become more sustainable for the environment.

We are proud to be launching the first ever Catering Supplies Recycling Programme for our customers to help ease the process of recycling product packaging and giving our customers incentives on top of helping the planet to recycle and reuse materials. But let us first tell you a little more about the purpose behind the programme before we get into the details…

Our Eco Pledge 

Our mission is simple: Make the catering and hospitality industry more environmentally friendly and using sustainable materials. But how do we do this?

Caring about the environment has in recent years become a very popular trend and although we do try to keep up with the trends with our recipes, blogs and social media, the environmental impact of product consumption has never and will never be “just a trend” to us. Our historic and current eco-friendly practices include:

We will continue to develop and make eco conscious improvements to our small business to strive to be as green as possible. It is an ongoing process and a world-wide effort, and we welcome any ideas that our customers may have to help us reach our goals. – if you have any ideas of what else we could do to achieve our mission please get in touch.

Recycling Program 

Our recycling program is designed with our customer’s busy schedule in mind (as well as the environment of course!), to help create a concise way to dispose of used products, starting with stainless steel cartridges, quickly and efficiently without harming the environment, with the added bonus of earning up loyalty points that can be used to buy other products on your next order.

We are launching our Catering Supplies Recycling Programme starting with stainless steel products such as gas cartridges that are frequently used in catering production. From stainless steel, our next step we will aim to include the return of hard-to-recycle plastics and other materials found difficult to recycle based on feedback from our customers. 

How do I recycle my cartridges?

What can be recycled?

How do I use my points?

The Programmes ‘Fine Print’ – Our Terms and Conditions

What You Can Do 

Climate change can be a scary and somewhat overwhelming thought but there are small things that we can do as individuals, not only from a business perspective but a personal one too. These include anything from a small lifestyle change to litter picking in your local area, everything counts from: