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Discount Cream's Fruit Kebab with Sangria Whipped Cream Recipe:
Craving a simple, sweet treat? Why not try our Fruit Kebab and Sangria Cream Recipe? Giving a delicious twist to a classic summer dessert, it's the perfect garden party snack.
Discount Cream's Rose Cocktail Recipe:
Looking for a classic cocktail this Jubilee? Why not try our Rose Iced Tea with a Twist? Combining the zest of lemon, with the subtle sweet flavour of rose, it's the perfect garden party treat.
Discount Cream's Iced Pina Colada Latte Recipe:
Want a fruity, sweet caffeinated treat? Try our Pina Colada Iced Coffee with whipped cream, tropical and tasty, it's a perfect hot weather drink.
Discount Cream's Margarita Cupcakes Recipe:
Celebrate World Cocktail Day with our delicious Margarita Cupcake's Recipe! Zesty, sweet and irresistible, they're sure to go down a treat.
Discount Cream's Chocolate Sunade Recipe:
Indulge this Easter with our Chocolate Sundae Recipe. The perfect way to use some of those extra Easter Eggs!
Discount Cream's Strawberry and Kiwi Tarts Recipe:
Fruity, delicious and simple, these fruit tarts make the perfect afternoon treat. Ideal for afternoon teas or a party snack, they're definitely worth a bake!
Discount Cream's Peaches and Cream Recipe:
Looking for a sweet and simple treat? Why not try our peaches and cream recipe. Easy to create and full of flavour, it's an irresistible and easy dessert!
Discount Cream's Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail Recipe:
Sweet, smooth and delicious, these strawberry shortcake cocktails combine the deliciousness of desserts with delightful cocktails! Perfect for a sunny afternoon, try the recipe now.
Discount Cream's Key Lime Pie Recipe:
Zesty and refreshing, this key lime pie is the perfect treat for a sunny afternoon. Super simple to create, you can whip up this dish quickly and get back to enjoying the sun.
Discount Cream's Caramel Frappuccino Recipe:
Spring is here, and why not celebrate with a delicious frappuccino? A cool and creamy way to enjoy your coffee, our recipe features a decadent treat that's topped with caramel cream for the ultimate afternoon coffee.
Discount Cream's Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe:
Looking to create the perfect cocktail? Why not try our strawberry daiquiri recipe? Combining the sweetness of strawberries with the tartness of lime, this delicious cocktail is ideal for springtime celebrations.
Discount Cream's Irish Coffee With Whipped Cream
Prepare for St. Patrick's Day with our Irish Coffee recipe. Warming, sweet and topped with thick whipped cream, it's the perfect drink to raise a glass this St. Paddy's Day!
Discount Cream's Coffee Cake with Amaretto Cream Recipe:
Light, fluffy and flavoured with rich coffee, our recipe this week is an indulgent delight that will certainly perk up your weekend. Topped with irresistible amaretto whipped cream, this cake is perfect for an afternoon treat!
Discount Cream's Vanilla Matcha Latte Recipe:
Celebrate World Health Day with our Vanilla Matcha Latte recipe. Super simple to create, this recipe uses Monin's sugar free syrup making it a guilt free treat that tastes delicious!
Discount Cream's Caramel Pancakes Recipe:
Get ready for pancake day with our caramel pancakes recipe! Super simple to make, and topped with decadent caramel whipped cream, they're the perfect way to celebrate Pancake Day!
Discount Cream's Strawberry Cheesecake Bars Recipe: 
Dreaming of warmer days with sweet fruity desserts? Though we can't change the weather, we can definitely change your mood with these delicious and sweet strawberry cheesecake bars. Full of fruity flavour, they'll whisk you away to warmer days with one bite!
Discount Cream's Rose Pavlova Recipe: 
Looking for a sweet treat this Valentine's Day? Try our delicious Rose Pavolva recipe. Filled with whipped cream, fresh fruits and Monin Rose sryup, it's an delightful dessert that's sure to go down a treat.
Discount Cream's Hazelnut Brownie Sandwiches Recipe: 
Treat yourself to a delicious and indulgent dessert with our Hazelnut Brownie Sandwiches. Infused with tasty hazelnut, and layered with smooth whipped cream, they're truly irresistible.
Discount Cream's Lemongrass Gin and Tonic Recipe: 
In celebration of the Lunar New Year, we're sharing a simple yet delicious Lemongrass Gin and Tonic. Using Monin's delicious Lemongrass syrup, this drink boasts the fragrant flavour of a traditional ingredient in Asian cuisine and is the perfect tipple for a celebration!
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