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Quality Wholesale Coffee Beans

At Discount Cream we understand that your customers expect the great tasting coffee, that is why we only supply the finest quality coffee beans from reputable global brands.

Wholesale Lavazza Coffee Beans

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1895, Lavazza has since pioneered a huge range of coffee blends which are drank around the world, both by people enjoying them in their own home and by businesses which proudly serve this iconic coffee brand in their cafes and restaurants.

All of Lavazza’s products use the best quality coffee beans from around the world, from the arabica coffee bean, originally found in the middle east, to the deliciously bitter robusta bean.

Choose between four delicious ranges of Lavazza beans, from luxurious Qualita Oro and Qualita Rossa beans to the equally tantalising Super Crema or Crema e Aroma beans!

Whatever you decide, you can rest assured that the Lavazza beans in your cup of coffee has stood the test of time, and has brought enjoyment to countless happy coffee drinkers since the 19th century!

Lavazza coffee beans are used all around the world in iconic coffee shop chains, restaurants and even bars (especially for the perfectly rich Espresso Martini), renowned for its quality blend each and every time - just be sure to have a sharp coffee grinder to do the means justice.

Lavazza Super Crema and Lavazza Qualita Oro beans are some of the Discount Cream Team's favourites to have in the #DCTestKitchen to create the perfect cappuccino or latte! The Qualita Oro, in particular, is an excellent blend for espresso macchiatos due to the richness of the blend!

As well as smaller bags for use in the home of office you can also buy our Lavazza coffee beans wholesale - browse our range of products for larger bag sizes.