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Coconut Sweetbird 1L Syrup

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Sweetbird Coconut Syrup

With their sweet, smooth and refreshing attributes, coconuts are one of the most popular tropical flavours for a reason. Versatile to the point where it can be enjoyed in savoury and sweet dishes, as a drink, or by itself as a high-calorie snack, the coconut is the plant kingdoms Swiss Army knife. Now thanks to Sweetbird Coconut Syrup, you can enjoy this tropical taste in an instant. Made with real coconut and free from artificial ingredients, this syrup is great for pairing with flavours such as lime, cherry and chocolate. 

Along with being approved by the Vegan Society, Sweetbird syrups also have the advantage of being free from artificial flavours, gluten and GMO.

The History 

When you consider the uses of coconut, its no surprise it has had a long and varied history. It isnt just a food or drink source. The fibre of coconuts can be used to create everything from rope to floor mats. Its possible to transform the shell into charcoal. Plus before it is fashioned into something else, the coconuts buoyancy means it can act as a helpful floatation device. 

This buoyant nature is also believed to be how the coconut spread across the tropics. This aspect combined with a tough, leathery skin meant the coconut could float in the sea across considerable distances. As a result, the exact origin of the coconut is unknown. Many believe it is native to Southeast Asia, with the likes of the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia being possible candidates. Yet even Australia has a claim to being the birthplace of coconuts. 

Literary evidence details how coconuts have been utilised within the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years. Along with being a staple food, Indians made use of the coconuts other advantageous aspects. During the 14th century on the islands of Laccadives and the Maldives, they were using both coconuts and their trees to fully craft ships including everything from the hulls to the sails. It was also during this century that the coconut started to gain prominence outside of Asia. Arab traders began transporting coconut shells to England and the rest of Europe, and Portuguese sailors would then move them on to East Africa.

It was only in the 19th century, however, when Europeans could fully appreciate everything that the coconut offers. New transportation routes made it easier for the nuts to be imported into the tropics. At fairgrounds, they also found a new use for coconuts: as a game. Believed to have begun during the mid-to late 1800s, coconut shy sees patrons throwing balls at coconuts balanced on posts. If they manage to knock a coconut down, theyd receive it as a prize. As the nut was an exotic prize at the time, the game proved popular and it is still found at funfairs to this day. 

The end of the 19th century is also when the United States was introduced to coconuts. The story goes that a Cuban businessman, who was in debt with a Philadelphian-based flour miller, sent a shipload of coconuts as payment. The flour miller then shredded and dried the coconuts, hoping to create a marketable product. His efforts paid off, with Americans soon clamouring for treats such as coconut custards, coconut cream pies and coconut cookies. 


Recipe Idea

Pineapple Fritters with Coconut Cream

The combination of a crisp outer layer with a blast of fruity pineapple is what makes these fritters so memorable. These easy-to-make treats are elevated to the next level with a lush coconut-flavoured whipped cream, home made using a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers!

What you will need:

  • One pineapple

  • Sunflower oil, for deep-frying 

  • Self-rising flour (150g)

  • Sparkling mineral water (275ml)

  • Caster sugar, for sprinkling

  • Sweetbird Coconut Syrup (60ml)

  • Fresh cream (240ml)

  • Whipped cream dispenser

  • Cream chargers


- Place the sunflower oil in either a deep saucepan or deep fat fryer. Heat it up until the oil reaches about 180C. 

- Now its time to prepare the pineapple. Chop off the top and bottom of the pineapple. Slice away the rest of the skin and remove the core. With the remaining pineapple, cut this into 1cm-thick slices. 

- Grab the self-rising flour and sift into a large bowl. Slowly pour in the mineral water, constantly stirring until a thick batter is produced. Leave this to stand for several minutes. Now add the rest of the water, whisking until the mixture is still thick yet smooth. 

- Dip the pineapple rings in the batter, ensuring theyre all thoroughly coated. Place in the hot oil and cook for approximately four minutes, turning over halfway through. Remove and drain on kitchen paper. Sprinkle with caster sugar. 

- Pour the fresh cream and Sweetbird Coconut Syrup into a whipped cream dispenser, and securely close the device.. Attach a  cream charger and shake the dispenser vigorously to produce a light, coconut-infused whipped cream.

Note: Depending on the amount of whipped cream desired, it may be necessary to use multiple cream chargers/ more whipping cream. Add more syrup as required.

- Squirt the coconut-flavoured whipped cream alongside the warm pineapple fritters.



  • Nutritional information:
    per 100ml
  • Sugar Free:
    Includes Sugar
  • Nut Free:
    Nut Free
  • Energy per 100ml:
  • Fat Free:
    Fat Free
  • Vegertarian:
  • Fat:
  • Quantity:
  • Vegan Friendly:
  • Saturated Fat:
  • Gluten Free:
    Gluten Free
  • Total Carbohydrates:
  • Carbohydrates Per Serving:
  • Of which sugars:
  • Dairy Free:
    Dairy Free
  • No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives:
    No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives
  • Protein:
  • Contains Natural Ingredients Only:
    No Artificial Colouring or Preservatives
  • Salt:
  • Ingredients:
    Sugar, water, coconut flavouring, acidity regulator, citcric. acid.
  • Natural:
    ALL Natural Ingredients
  • Energy kcal:
  • GTIN:
  • MPN:
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:


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