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Coco Lopez


Buy Coco Lopez Coconut Cream Online

Dreaming of tropical islands and Caribbean sun? Transport yourself to blue skies, and sandy beaches with Coco Lopez coconut products.

Coconut is an important ingredient in many delicious desserts and drinks from the Caribbean islands including Pina Coladas. Made with coconut at their heart, Coco Lopez products take away the trouble of breaking through a coconut shell and the tricky task of getting the coconut cream from the pulp. All by producing the exquisite Coco Lopez Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk ready to use.

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Add a Tropical Taste to Drinks and Food with Coco Lopez

Not just for Pina Coladas, Coco Lopez Real Cream Of Coconut can be used to create a range of tasty and flavoursome tropical desserts, colourful cocktails and incredible curries. An essential ingredient for any restaurant, bar or kitchen cupboard, stock up on Coco Lopez today.


Start adding a tropical twist to your favourite drinks and food with Coco Lopez. Available to order at Discount Cream with next day delivery when ordered before 5pm!