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CO2 Cartridges

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CO2 Cartridges For Bikes, Cooking, Soda and Much More

CO2 cartridges or CO2 chargers are the perfect companion for any CO2 soda syphon. CO2 cartridges have a wide range of uses from food preparation, freezing, even for bikes, but probably most known for being a propellant for carbonated drinks. 

With a CO2 cartridge and a syphon you are easily and quickly able to turn your favourite drinks into fizzy creations! 

Our variety of CO2 cartridges cover all styles and sizes included threaded and non-threaded cartridges to cover most attachment styles on almost all devices. We stock 8g cartridges, 8.4 cartridges, 12g cartridges, 16g cartridges and even 16g plus sizes for when you have an extra large device in 38, 45 and 88.

Disclaimer: CO2 cartridges should not be confused with N2O cream chargers - CO2 chargers are for fizzing drinks, inflating bike tyres and cream chargers are used to make whipped cream, espumas etc.

CO2 Cartridge Recycling Information

All of the CO2 cartridges we supply are made of 100% recyclable steel. Please ensure that the CO2 cartridge is completely empty before removing it from your device and do not dispose of unused cartridges.

Important Safety Usage Information:

Please ensure that CO2 cartridges are stored properly according to the package instructions.

When using CO2 cartridges, please take care of the metal as it gets extremely cold when punctured. If you suffer a high-pressure gas burn, seek medical advice immediately.