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Experience the Sweet Taste of AquaRiva Syrups


Looking for a natural, sugar-free, gluten-free and all-around delicious syrup? AquaRiva Syrup is an Organic Agave Syrup, which is a single-ingredient natural sweetener without any of the bad stuff in it and even works as a sugar replacement in your diet. 


Known for their premium, and award-winning tequila and pre-mixed cocktails, AquaRiva are the drinks experts who know what it takes to create a flavoursome and tasty drink, without the faff.


Top AquaRiva syrup on pancakes, porridge, flapjacks or add it to cocktails and tea & coffee for a sweet treat, without the cheat. Ideal for home baking, restaurateurs and bar & cafe owners, AquaRiva is the perfect addition to any stock cupboard. 

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Enjoy high-quality products with delicious tastes from AquaRiva, available to order online at Discount Cream. 


Start creating with AquaRiva sooner with next day delivery available on all orders before 5pm.